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ACIM: A Course In Miracles BlogPosted by David Hoffmeister on September 21, 2009 at 9:00pm
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Greetings of Love. I receive so many messages on Facebook, so I posted lots of them to Blogger since there are so many miracles being shared.

Enjoy the miracles!

In Love & Gratitude,



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This morning I was in my routine going to an early morning meeting. There was this dog that had followed some children to the bus stop and where a seperation had occured and the dog was wandering the street kind of slowly. Traffic slowed to let the dog wander on. I thought how much the dog gave to the ones he loved, how he knew not what his situation was for, how he slowly went his way and regained his composure, I projected how he might be reuniting with his masters and love being petted and cared for. I can feel the peace in my projection. I am grateful traffic slowed to give him a chance to be. I had other thoughts too some less empowering some maybe even more. I am glad I can choose how I see things and happy to have an opportuinty to choose again today about my routine, about my life, about my choice. Today, I learn again my choice empowers me, I choose awareness of life as it presents itself. I ask for help in that awareness to choose peaceful thoughts like these.

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