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I am just getting my big toe wet here. I am sure there is another way of posting something to a bulletin board but I just want to acknowledge my gratitude for this site and thank you Ruby for inviting me. I like the idea of connecting to Course students world wide. Sometimes I feel a bit isolated from others who are doing the work. Paltalk is great but I like to get to know the person behind the voice. I will try to participate when I can. Meanwhile, all my light and love to every one.

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Welcome Dan. Thank you for posting here. Many of us are new to posting on bulletin boards. I haven't done much myself. Starting this network is a first for me. Going beyond my comfort zone... a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit. As a teenager, writing was a tool that helped me tremendously. And periodically through my life, writing has been a means to release emotions and perhaps to get some clarity. Now here on this forum, I find myself strengthened in sharing on the lessons and text readings. The joining is powerful if it's from an authentic place. "I will step back and let Him lead the way." Thanks for getting this started Dan. Namaste, Ruby
Hi Dan
Having a place to connect is cool. Travelling this road can feel a bit like a fish out of water without other fish or cats to connect with. Look forward to hearing from you and from others as we find our way home.
Hi Dan welcome to the board!

I too love a place where I can talk about ACIM, because like Louise, no one around me is interested in ACIM. I have bought three books now and have given them away and so far there is not much feedback on it. Well one person who reads a lot of Tolle commented that something must be wrong with them, because they don't understand the course at all. I thought that odd since Tolle's teachings seem to coincide with the courses teaching quite a bit. Just the terminology is different.

I lent my friend one of my own books because he was facsinated by how it came about and read the intro and thought it profound, but when I explained to him that since reading the course, I have lost a lot fo interest in things that I used to deem important, I think I took the wind out of his sails. He has recently made a lot of special relationships due to his girlfriend's line of work. She knows a lot of famous people and so he is meeting them and I don't think he is ready to give that up quite yet. I notice that he now often name drops. LOL. It makes me smile to see how proud he is to know these people and I just think, "Buddy you're my friend you don't need to impress me."

Anyway enough of my ramble,

Welcome aboard!

Take care,

Love reading your sharing Eric. When I was new to A Course in Miracles, I had trouble with the christian terminology. I was guided to read the Teachers Manual and Clarification of Terms which helped me immensely. Once I understood that "miracle" was removal of the blocks to awareness of Love's presence or as Marianne Williamson has defined "the Thoughts of God which transcend the limitations of time and space", it was more meaningful to me. As I reflect back, when I was new to A Course in Miracles, I was very much identified with my physical identity and it has taken a few years of going through the lessons to undo that conditioning and begin to see through the veil of the physical. I think A Course in Miracles is not understandable in physical terms... that is why willingness is entry point for us. We who have asked for "another way" have been answered. All will come to that same willingness... it's just a matter of time.. and time is an illusion. Love you. Namaste, Ruby

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