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"Introduction" and "Table of Contents" - Journeys With A Brother - Bartholomew and the Dalai Lama in the Himalaya




Japan to India





"I feel/sense a real kinship between Emmanuel and Bartholomew.  Their messages are so similar and so mutually supportive it gives me great hope that what they say is absolutely true and that we are really safe and everything is going along as planned.  ~ Pat Rodegast, channel for Emmanuel.


We are not isolated individuals living our own lives.  Every thought we think is influencing every person, place and thing on our beauthiful Earth.  I have always loved Bartholomew and his teachings for he explains this so clearly.  He shows us our spiritual obstacles and how to go beyond them. ~ Louise L. Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Live.


Preface and an Acknowledgment

As editor and publisher of the Bartholomew material, it falls to me to make the final decision on the form a new book is to take.  Because I felt the events that happened during this journey to Japan and India were an important addition to the teachings, I wanted this book to take the form of a narrative.  It is my hope that our outer adventures and inner discoveries will enable the reader to relate to the substance of Bartholomew's teachings in a more intimate way.  That these explorations changed our previous notions of reality is inescapable.  Whether we accepted them or not is a different story.

I would like to express my gratitude to those intrepid explorers who accompanied us, taking a chance and jumping into the unknown.  I am doubly grateful for their willingness to share their doubts, fears, identities, and triumphs in the following recorded sharings, as they became an integral part of the unfolding drama.  All the first-person impressions are mine, since in the end, my own story was the only one I could really tell.

My appreciation to Justin Moore, who, in the face of serious technical difficulties, kept the equipment and tapes functioning.  To Phyllis Johnson for the seemingly endless hours of transcription and her almost supernatural accuracy in translating the scribling we chose to call editing.  To Mary-Margaret Moore, my deep gratitude for her integrity and the graciousness, patience, and good humor with which she has met my constant requests for more information, more clarity, more editing, and more interviews.

And as always, my deepest gratitude to Bartholomew, who has transformed this idea of a journey home into a possibility for this lifetime.

~~ The Editor



As the time approached to write yet another introduction, I began to ask others just what it is people are interested in hearing about in these pages.  And what most people want to know is what, if any, changes  have taken place in me during the three years since our last book went to print.

So what to say about that?  I feel the most obvious shift in my awareness has been that the Bartholomew energy has "settled into me" in a new and deeper way.  I mention this because I feel the same "settling in" is also happening to others who have been working not only with the Bartholomew material but also with many other approaches.  I think there is, if I may use an old Christian concept, a "quickening of the spirit" for vast numbers of people, and I am so very grateful to all these forces, seen and unseen, that are assisting us.  What these years have taught me is that there is help to be had, when we get off our ego-ride and turn within in openness and with a sense of humility in the face of our need.

The trip to Japan and India played a great part in that "quickening" for me.  I had studied Zen Buddhism for years before my work with Bartholomew and still find it to be one of the clearest mirrors for Truth on the earth plane.  To actually experience some of that clarity in the Zen gardens and temples of Kyoto was a high point.  When we found ourselves atop a mountain in a shrine that had been the focus of pilgrims for centuries, none of us needed to "try" to feel the power of the site.  The power was absolutely present, as close as breath, as warm as the sunlight.  We cried, we laughed, we became Silence Itself.  Wonder of wonders.

Then, in the high Himalayan mountains, again the overwhelming Presence of Silence.  No need to "find it," or "tune into it".  All that was needed was the willingness to fall out of the mental chatter of mind and fall into the open arms of the Silent Moment, filled with vast peace.  No matter how difficult the external world was, and we had moments of extreme discomfort, both emotionally and physically, we always felt the ever-present option to fall once again into that ever-waiting Space.  Suspended high above the clouds, looking down onto the world below, you could sense the possibility of letting go of one's old world and awakening into an awareness that was ancient beyond ancient, yet pristinely new every moment.  I look back on those solitary walks along the valley rim as some of the most grace-filled moments of my life.

For me, one of the many great gifts from India to the world lies in its being the birthplace of one of the most awakened beings of this or any century.  I am referring to Ramana Maharshi, the Sage who brought us the direct approach to the Self, to God -- the approach of being willing to discover Who we REALLY are, not who we have been taught we are but Who, in our experience RIGHT NOW, we are.  When we ask "Who am I?" and do not answer with thoughts we have been trained to believe but simply see directly in this moment what is really there inside, we find something (or nothing) far different from what our minds have postulated. 
Ramana clarifies this approach beautifully in the following dialogue with a visitor to his ashram:
Q:  How shall I reach the Self?
A:  There is no reaching the Self.  If Self were to be reached, it would mean that the Self is not here and now and that it is yet to be obtained.  What is got afresh will also be lost.  So it will be impermanent.  What is not permanent is not worth striving for.  So I say the Self is not reached.  You are the Self, you are already that.
The fact is, you are ignorant of your blissful state.  Ignorance supervenes and draws a veil over the pure Self which is bliss.  Attempts are directed only to remove this veil of ignorance which is merely wrong knowledge.  The wrong knowledge is the false identification of the Self with the body and the mind.  This false identification must go, and then the Self alone remains.
Therefore, realization is for everyone; realization makes no difference between the apirants.  This very doubt, whether you can realize, and the notion "I have-not-realized" are themselvs the obstacles.  Be free from these obstacles also.
Q:  How long does it take to reach mukti (liberation)?
A:  Mukti is not to be gained in the future.  It is there forever, here and now.(1)
One of Bartholomew's greatest gifts is that our work together has made seemingly difficult truths so very simple.  Again and again people say, "Bartholomew helps me see things simply, directly," and that has been my experience as well.  I have gradually realized, for example, the meaning of Ramana's approach of directly asking "Who Am I?"  I began with it being just a great idea, and now it is a Truth.  I have also learned the meaning of the Zen approach of "just sitting, no big deal."  These awarenesses have come directly from my spending more hours with Bartholomew, as we work together, not trying, just relaxing, flowing.(2)  When the words are spoken to clarify a point for someone, my understanding is also clarified.  When Love is fully  present for someone in pain and confusion, my sense of what Love really is becomes stronger.  And what I have truly discovered is that each of us, right now, in this moment, have the ability to be fully aware of our True Self, our God-Self.  Nothing extra is needed, nothing taken away.  Just this moment and our willingness to acknowledge that the "I" of Who we are is constantly present -- and that the experience of "I" never leaves.  How could it?  Where would it go?  It has finally occurred to me how very funny it is to say, "I have to find out who I really am."  Where will I go to find it?  Who will show it to me?  What a  joke -- and what an incredible relief to finally know that I am who I am -- now and always.  Thank you, Bartholomew, whoever, or whatever, you are.

So I close this introduction with vast amounts of gratitude for all that has been experienced.  I am grateful to those stalwart ones who traveled with us on our journey, to our Tibetan cooks who became friends, and I am most deeply grateful to His Holiness, the fourteenth Dalai Lama, for his willingness to permit us to join him in this amazing adventure, and, as always eternally, to Bartholomew.  

~~ Mary-Margaret Moore


(1)  Edited by David Godman, The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi (London: Arkana Books, 1985),20. (For those of you interested in Ramana's teachings, I highly recomment this translation.)
(2)  Mary-Margaret Moore has been "channelling" the energy Bartholomew for seventeen years.  She describes the process in the introduction to "I Came As A Brother".  "I begin by sitting quietly, calming myself through breathing.  Next, I set my intention for the highest outcome possible.  Then I wait, relaxing into the moment, eyes closed, yet alert.  In a few seconds the power begins to build around  and in my body.  I seem to become more alive, alert and aware.  Tingling sensations enter through the top of my head, travel down the neck and shoulders and lodge in my chest area.  The space around me becomes silently alive.  When that feeling has grown to a certain intensity, I 'know' we are ready to begin."


Table of Contents


"Kyoto:  Day One - An Opening Statement that Takes Us by Surprise an..."


"The Body's Language" and "Accentuating the Positive"


 "See No Judgment, Hear No Judgment, Speak No Judgment" and "The Relief of Relaxing Into the Moment"


Kyoto:  Day Four  "Body, Mind and Healing", " A True Story of Cellu...


"Giving Yourselves the Gift of Nourishment"  and "A Point of View is...


" Who's There When You Ask, Who's There?"


 "Gratitude and The Bean Jar" - "Big Mind, Little Mind"


"Electromagnetic Grids - Choosing Your Blueprint" and "Uncovering t...



 "Kyoto: Day Five - Farewell and a Late-Night Performance"


 INDIA - "A Brother Returns" and "The Fear That underlies All Fear"


"The Spiritual Pyramid and a Lively Discussion about Rules and Regulations" and "Is There Really a Se...


"Pointing to the Pathless Path" and "Stumbling Over the Rules and R...


"A Surefire Formula for Happiness" and "The Current Prince of Peace" 


"Trying to Describe the Indescribable"; "From the One come the Ten ...


"Bartholomew Answers Personal Questions"; "A New Way of Growing" an...


"Space and a Meditation on Emptiness"; "The Power of Chi"; "What IS...


"The Time for Indulging the Small Self is Over"; "YOU Are Responsib...

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