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"Introduction" and "Table of Contents" - From the Heart of a Gentle Brother ~ Bartholomew

From the Heart of a Gentle Brother




"Over these many years, Bartholomew has been consistent in 'his'* statement that our only safety in this world of change lies in the heart.  In this book, 'he' leads us with gentle caring, on a search through various techniques, to reach and remain in the Heart of God.
For those of us who have chosen to follow these simple suggestions, 'his' promise of peace within and Freedom without are becoming a reality."


"Throughout Bartholomew's many discussions there is a deep sense of love and compassion for all existence and a joy and gratitude expressed for participation in this existence.  Perhaps the most important message Bartholomew imparts is expressed more in spirit than in words -- we each hold a deep wisdom that we can embrace whenever  we choose."  

~ New Frontier

"This Bartholomew book/energy is regarded as being 'very special' by all who read it  here.  I am thrilled to have been instrumental in introducing this blessed energy to so many."

~ L. Bell, Australia

* 'his' is punctuated in this fashion to remind us that Bartholomew is not masculine, nor a person, but a vast, alive, compassionate, wise energy field.

  1. One of your primary obligations on the earth plane is to take energy from the amazing sweeps of rarified spiritual power called the Vastness and bring it down into physical form, so It can have Its expression and Its understanding here.  To remind you of this, I would like to speak about the last drama of the Christ.  As one of the most compelling dramas of all time, you can place it in your awareness to help you journey Home.  Let us remember what it was He did at the end of His Life and why it serves today as a model for you.
  2. There are very few human experiences as devastating or as painful as the one the Christos undertook at the crucifixion.  In the midst of that event, with humiliation, ridicule, and disbelief added to intense physical pain, a cry went out.  "Forgive them, they know not what they do."  When he said this, do you think Jesus was talking to God?  Could it be the Divine was not aware of the web of circumstances surrounding those last moments of His Beloved?  Do you really feel that Jesus the man could have been aware of the need for forgiveness and the Divine was not?
  3. If He was not speaking to God, let us ask to whom was He speaking?  The Christ was speaking to you and to everyone that has come to the earth plane after the moment of that plea.  Please dwell on this statement.  It is the message of the cross.  In your most extreme moments, your major obligation to yourself and to the wholeness of Life is to continue to manifest the love, beauty, power, and acceptance of your destiny as it is given to you.  The Christ's was a victorious ending, achieved under the most dire of circumstances.  If He can do it, I assure you He came to say, "So can you!"
  4. Do not be separate from His teachings.  When it enters your consciousness you can live from His point of power, it becomes the beginning of that reality.  The path of the warrior is to know every event comes to remind you of why you are here:  To love to the best of your heart's ability, to be as accepting of all parts of your life as you possibly can, and to remember there is a power that exists, without question, and It runs your life.  If you depend on It, as He did, you also will be carried Home.

~~ Bartholomew



Mary-Margaret Moore

  1. In the eight years that I have been doing this Bartholomew work, I have been asked a lot of questions.  The ones most often asked are:  "How could an educated and reasonably intelligent woman like you deal with being a psychic?"  And "How did you come to know that you were really in touch with some awareness that was different from your own?"  And lastly, "How have you dealt with the huge changes that this lifestyle has brought?"  The answers are so different than what they were eight years ago, the only way to be clear is to begin at the beginning and try to show their unfoldment.
  2. Physical difficulties carried Mary-Margaret to Socorro, New Mexico, to visit old friends Doctors John and Louisa Aiken.  They believed in relaxation through  hypnosis, so Dr. John Aiken recommended it as a technique to relieve the pain of her back problems.  He started with a mental suggestion.  "Go down a hallway and open the door."  She did.  The door opened into a past life and Mary-Margaret was overcome by a totally new feeling.  The energy we call Bartholomew started talking to Dr. Aiken.
  3. I would describe that year as one of interest and excitement combined with equal potions of panic.  My background had been strongly Zen, which emphasizes the impermanence of all things, and certainly does not recommend letting such a thing as this Bartholomew experiment become too important.  The Zen masters all admit that such things are possible, but they strongly suggest you view them simply as passing clouds of not much importance.   The goal of Zen is the awareness of that which is beyond all name and form.  So, my first reaction to  having Bartholomew arrive on the scene was, "Let's get all of the information we can from this energy in as short a period of  time as possible and then drop it, and back to za-zen."  Well obviously, that did not happen and it is because I began to experience the usefulness of this energy, both for me and others.  I saw, time after time, that this energy did have a vaster point of view, that it could "see things we could or would not see," and sharing that made a difference in terms of helping us change our limited points of view.  It did seem to be what it claimed, an elder brother who just wanted to help out.
  4. In that first year, fear was often present, I was afraid I was operating under some grand ego illusion that would end up plunging me into a karmic mess that would take lifetimes to pull out of.  So, in working with this fear, I decided to deal with it in various ways, and with as much consciousness as possible.
  5. First and foremost, I decided to stand responsible for the validity of all of the information that was being given, to whatever extent that I could.  If, for example, Bartholomew said an event would take place, then it was my intention and responsibility to follow up and verify if it indeed did happen.  If suggestions were made that were to help one's spiritual unfoldment as a seeker, did they work as stated?  Was there a change?  It was very clear to me, and still is that we have no reason to believe any psychic, myself included, unless the material available for checking on the 'earth plane' can be validated.  If we can see the information proves truthful, clear, and  helpful, then it seems to me that we have some basis for believing all of the material they give us about the 'unseen worlds,' about the journey Home, about our past lives, all of that.  So this became my primary aim.  I carefully watched the workings of this process and, as the years went by and the energy chalked up what I would call clarity after clarity, I began to relax and to allow myself to acknowledge that the information, the world view, indeed the cosmic view being presented, might be valid. 
  6. The second way of overcoming the fear was the use of the I Ching,** that ancient Chinese book of changes.  It became my cross-check for all of this process.  Now, please realize I had worked for years with this amazingly difficult yet awesome text and had found it to be, if properly and patiently used, one of the clearest voices of truth that I had at  hand.  So time and time again, I turned to the I Ching for guidance.  Question:  How should I view the phenomenon called Bartholomew and our workings together?  Answer:  First hexagram, The Creative:  "In relation to the universe, this hexagram expresses the strong creative action of the Deity.  In relation to the human world, it denotes the creative action of the holy man or sage, of the ruler or leader of men, who through his power awakens and develops their higher nature."  Again, another throw.  Hexagram #14, Possession in Great Measure, nine at the top:  "In the fullness of possession and at the height of power, one remains modest and gives honor to the sage who stands outside the affairs of the world."  And finally, the one that most filled me with peace, hexagram #50, The Caldron.  Supreme good fortune, six in the fifth place:  "The ting has yellow handles.  In the language of symbols this means a great deal.  The line is the ruler of the hexagram and has over it a sage with whom it is connected by position and complementary relationship.  The ruler is 'hollow' (receptive), hence capable of receiving the power, that is, the teachings of this sage.  Thereby he makes progress."
  7. The third way of overcoming the fear was really very practical.  I paid attention to  how I, and others who were listening, were feeling in their lives and what I saw was peace-producing.  We were becoming stronger, fuller, more alive, and most of all, less fearful.  "By their fruits ye shall know them."  And the fruits of decreasing fear and a stronger sense of  hope and peace seemed, even to my doubting mind, to have validity.
  8. But how does a graduate of a Stanford University Graduate School bridge the gap between "rational mind" and "Big Mind?"  Well, it was the same process as above, In time, doing what was suggested, listening with inner awareness, and then watching how that inner awareness worked in the world became my criteria.  Was my rational mind any better at helping me out?  No.  Did there have to be a choice between both parts of me?  No.  I found I could use both tools, the "rational mind" for rational things, and "Bid Mind" for big things.  And what are these big things?  Things like letting go of fear, understanding the nature of pain and how to deal with it, finding separation dropping from my awareness and a kind of wholeness coming in its place, and perhaps most magical of all, feeling the beginnings of that sought after wonder, love.  Not just for those that are my beloveds, but Love -- unspecified, without object.  And a few times, by the grace of the Unknown, without subject.  I delight in having had a good strong academic education, for it has brought me tremendous joy.  But I am also incredibly grateful "rational mind" is not the only mind alive and well in our universe.  
  9. So, for the final question, how do I deal with my lifestyle, a lifestyle that was certainly not a conscious choice of mine, and a lifestyle that quite often pulls me out of the mainstream of the world and puts me in some other kind of flow?  The answer, honestly given, is that being out of the mainstream doesn't seem to matter.  Yes,  I am seen by some as a freak, a nut, or at worst, a devil.  But those are other people's words, and they do not feel real to me when I contemplate them within myself.  And I do contemplate them within myself, for I feel it is also part of my responsibility to listen to what is given, to internalize it as a working power and to decide whether it rings true for me or whether it does not.  What are real are the feelings of love, peace, and gratitude that are building in me year after year as I attempt to carry out my part of this experiment.  And I am delighted to remember it is and experiment, a wonderful, organic process of unfoldment,  extension and creation.  It isn't something static I  have to fill the form of but rather a process that I am a part of.  In the end, you know, I am the laboratory of this experiment, so I have to look to the laboratory for proof of the worthwhileness of the whole attempt.
  10. I find I am not the same person I was before this began.  I am no longer afraid of what the future might hold, not only for me but for the world and all of us in it, because I now feel one overriding thing to be true.  We are part of a protective power of a Reality that Cares, that intimately intensely, and continuously Cares.  We have, each of us, an inner 'something' which guides us every moment we choose to turn our awareness to it and listen.  We are, all of us, participating in a  glorious expansion of awareness both mysterious and awesome.  We are not what we think ourselves to be.  We are so much, much more and so much, much greater than our limited minds would have us believe.  We are a part of the Vastness in some wondrous way and it is our Life's delight to find out this is so.  I cannot thank Life enough for the opportunity to awaken, to awaken to the fullness of Who We Are, and for the incredible joy that awakening brings.  

~~ Mary-Margaret Moore


Table of Contents


"A Foot in Both Worlds" and "Harmlessness"


 "The Challenger and the Challenge"


"The Endless Sky" and "Safety is an Inside Job"


"Divine Relationship"

Part Two



"A Stream of Unconscious Consciousness" 

"Patterns from the Past"

Part Three

Part Four


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