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"Introduction" and "Table of Contents" - "I COME AS A BROTHER" ~~ Bartholomew


"I COME AS A BROTHER" to remind you of the necessity to understand that all of creativeness is equal.  The concept on the earth plane and other levels of reality that states that there are some creatures with less God in them than others IS AN ILLUSION.  You share equally with all of the great Beings that you have given power to, whether here now or in the past, seen or unseen.

I come to remind you that you have ALWAYS been a part of the Source, so that you can say within your being:  "Ah, I remember, I have NEVER been separate.  Love is always here, pulsating through all that I do.  And all my pain isn't because I am not loved, but because I forgot that I could Love."  Love is not an abstraction, it is a quality of Being that exists in everyone in equal measure.  It can be activated at any time by the conscious will that says, "I CHOOSE TO LOVE."  The Law of Love will show you clearly the actions, the words and the thoughts that you need to  perform or think.  All the rest is just a REMEMBRANCE OF ILLUSIONS.  This is all man needs to know -- you can trust the Love because it carries the Law. 

 ~~ Bartholomew


"Among the many books 'channeled' through a human source the best ones have what can be described as a simple, yet profound, wisdom in which the collaboration between persona and wisdom reveals a deep unity.  This is such a book." ~~ New Frontier

"Bartholomew, whoever he is, has won my heart . . . His words are haunting and inspiring~~ The Sun

"Bartholomew's messages are so incredible.  Success to all of you in your selfless service to mankind and the Universe." ~~Swami Saraswati Devyashram


Deciding what to say in this introduction has proven more difficult in many ways than the seven years of channeling that produced the book.  The difficulty comes in having to decide which things would be of most interest for the greatest number of people.  For example, we could talk about how it all began, how it feels to do the channeling, the things that have been valuable and invaluable about all of this, "Why me?", and on and on.  In the end, I made the decision by examining the things that interested me the most and hope that it is so for you.

So, let's start with how it feels for me to be a 'channel' for what is called a 'higher' and 'wiser' level of energy named Bartholomew.  I begin by sitting quietly, calming myself though breathing, feeling the breath inside my body.  Next, I set my intention which goes something like, "To the highest power that I am capable of reaching, I pray that You allow my truth to manifest here and may only the highest good result for all concerned.  Please help my brother/sister.  We are grateful."  Then I wait, relaxing into the moment, eyes closed, yet alert.  In a few seconds the power begins to build around and in my body.  I seem to become more alive, alert and aware.  Tingling sensations enter through the top of my head, traveling down through the neck and shoulders and lodging in the chest area.  Now I seem to be a part of whatever I am sitting on --no separation between 'me' and 'sofa.'  The space around me becomes silently alive.  It's as if all the probable questions and answers are somehow contained in energy patterns swirling around me and whoever is with me.  When that feeling has grown to a certain intensity, I 'know' we are ready to begin.  I open my eyes.  Often the room and all in it appear as soft, yellow, dancing light.  'Personalities' are blurred, and fall into the background; 'otherness' moves forward and is easily seen.  I have puzzled over what this 'otherness' might be - the soul?  the deep Self? the totality of all the loving moments of the person's past?  But whatever we might call it it FEELS like and LOOKS like a beautiful, powerfully moving energy expansion which seems to be filled with endless possibilities.  It is to that part of  us that ll exchanges are addressed, and out of which all of the sharing comes.

Then quietly, the energy moves between you and me and forms a sort of invisible roadway that we can move back and forth across.  Once that roadway is felt to be established, then the area around you begins to take on various sections.  It's as though you are in the center of an amazingly beautiful color wheel, some parts of which are transparent as glass; others darker, less clear.  It is to those darker areas that we travel and spend most of our time investigating the contents.  It seems to me that one of mankind's main purposes is to  increase the vibrations of those darker areas until they are also clear and totally balanced.  My awareness moves into that darker area, and 'looks around,' and then words begin to flow.  When all of the area has been traversed by us, we move on to the next area.

The chapters of this book have been taken primarily from public meetings which have a bit of a different flavor about them than does a private reading.  When there are many people present, the procedure is the same until I open my eyes.  At that moment, I scan the group, 'looking for the roadway in.'  It appears in a few seconds and I allow my awareness to travel down the open road until I find myself stopped and still and centered.  Then - and this is hard to describe - my awareness seems to expand until all fo the people in the hall are in that awareness.  When that is done, the words begin to come.  I state the subject that has been selected the moment before, and then begin moving around 'in' that subject area.  It is important for you, the reader, to understand that there are thousands of things that could be said in ay of these areas.  Because of that, and because I am still learning my craft, I sometimes find myself disoriented by the overwhelming beauty of possibilities.  So the first few moments are often choppy and hesitant.  But soon I settle down and find my way to where the combined energies of the people in the room most need to have me travel.  There is a human element still present here in that I am NOT in a trance nor have I been 'taken  over' by some separate entity.  My consciousness is very much present but my sense of ego seems to fall into the background and let this bolder, faster moving energy lead the way.

The importance of what I have just said is enormous if you are going to get maximum understanding out of the chapters that follow, because they have been taken from the public sessions and EDITED, not rewritten.  This was done in an attempt to capture some of the individuality of what we call the Bartholomew energy.  It does not read like a Pulitzer Prize novel, nor was it meant to.

Another pertinent question, is how do we make sense of contradicting answers given to the same question?  The answer I am about to give rests on one of the most basic understanding that I  have gained from the Bartholomew energy - that there is no such thing as TRUTH in the way that we think of it.  It seems that we humans expect to walk down a linear road called 'life' (which often feels like 'death') and assume that when we finally reach the end of that road, we  will find in front of us an immense 'book of Truth,' before which we will sit and absorb its wisdom.  And when we have digested all the pages, we can then say that we know TRUTH.
But my work has shown me another view, one that I find more exciting, alive , and possible.  And it shows up clearly as I work with another person.  When you ask a question, I feel a response that is already a part of your question -- so the answer given to one person must differ from the one given to any other person, because any given response is a part of YOUR totality, which is unique and beautiful.  Another person's totality has different movements of past, present and future and so the answers must be different.  In reading the following chapters, please be willing to accept these different views of the same thing.  The answers or comments always come out of the energy that is immediately before me, never out of some 'storehouse of wisdom' to be pulled out, ready made, and simply fed into the moment.  So, if we can stretch ourselves past our various limited points of view, we all have the opportunity to be much vaster in our sense of knowing and limitlessness.

The final, most often asked question: who, or what, is Bartholomew.  My answer has to be, 'I don't know and I really don't care.' I do what I do, in partnership with this energy, because of the years I have found it to be helpful to myself and to others.  'By their fruits, you will know them,' and I have come to know and absolutely trust whoever or whatever this energy may be.  I believe it to have the utmost love and concern for 'others' while providing practical tools for making our journey 'home' more alive and creative.  But there are a few things that I can truthfully say reflect what Bartholomew is:

  • 1)  It is a part of me, but greater than me, or who I now believe myself to be.
  • 2)  It is energy - this I absolutely know.  It is an energy that makes me more alive, expanded, and loving - and definitely more humorous.
  • 3)  This energy has a vast range of perception.  Past and future are bridged with ease, and grace, and accuracy.  It has depth, moving into the vast beginnings of the world and bringing out knowledge that I have absolutely no conscious memory of.  The range, to me, seems 'limitless.'
  • 4) The energy has a spiritual flavor, rather than a karmic one.  Questions like, "Will I ever have any money?" or "Will I marry Joe?" are best left to others in this field.


This energy's concerns are with giving us tools to awaken from the illusion of our separateness from the One -- again and again, this has proved to be its deepest concern.  Bartholomew has come as a brother and as part of a universe of equality to remind us all fo what we already know - that we see an illusory world of separation, and it causes us pain.  But we, as brothers and sisters to this energy, and to the rest of the Createdness, have within us the ability to know the One.  And it seems to be Bartholomew's loving job to remind us that we created the illusions and we, Thank God, can end them.

~~ Mary-Margaret Moore - 1984

Mary-Margaret Moore spent her first eighteen years growing up in Hawaii and the next five obtaining two degrees from Stanford University in California.  She has been a seeker of clear awareness for many years, using techniques ranging from the study of the power of Christian saints to Zen Buddhism.  She has been working with the Bartholomew energy for the past eight years and presently lives in Northern New Mexico. 

Table of Contents



"What Love is Not" 


"Soul Groups"


"The Gift of Sexual Energy"


"The Love of Self"





"Spiritual Beings on the Earth Plane"


"To Be A Master"


"The Twelve Strands of Power"


"Advanced Energy Fields"




"Living Out of the Moment"


"Opening the Heart"


"Meditation as a Guide to Inner Awareness"


"The Message of St. Francis"


"The Comforter"

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