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"Introduction and Table of Contents" - "Reflections of An Elder Brother - Awakening from the Dream" ~ Bartholomew

Reflections of An Elder Brother

Awakening from the Dream

~ Bartholomew ~

"The "Bartholomew" material is one of the few sources of channeled information which consistently resonates within us on the deepest and most meaningful levels."
~ Martin E. Segal, New Age Publishing

"(Bartholomew's) concept of the divine nature of humanity and of the far-reaching implications of this possibility is served as an offering, not as a warning. This positive message has lasted long after other, more transitory, teachings have fallen out of favor; and Mary-Margaret Moore is certainly to be congratulated for taking personal responsibility for every word uttered by Bartholomew."
~ InnerViews


My friends, please hear me: YOU ARE LIGHT. YOU COME FROM LIGHT, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE AN EXTENSION OF LIGHT. You have no form unless you choose to move into form. As Light, you are omniscient and omnipresent. There is nothing you need because you are the All. Your purity of consciousness moves and joins with the rest of the One. You are limitless in the boundlessness of creation. There is no place that is not your home because everywhere there is but Light. So wherever you go, you will simply find yourself, manifesting again and again and yet again, pushing past all limits of mind into pure, spontaneous creation. The small, limited self dies before the expansive explosion of your Being. You are pure Self, pure Consciousness, pure Light, moving through all of the past and the future. That is what you are. You have never been anything else, you can never be anything else. You and the Source are One. All separation is illusion. So know your Self and be free.

~~ Bartholomew


Let us postulate that you have gone on a journey around the world. Upon completing it, you return home and wish to share your experiences with your loved ones. When you do, you are not going to relate the color of every pebble you stepped on, the view of every leaf on every tree, or the many mundane moments of your trip. What you are going to share are those things that so moved you that you yearn to give them as a personal gift. Some experiences may be difficult, some may be magical, but they all will be memorable.

So it is when you end your life here in the physical body. There will be a pattern of energy to welcome you, and it is likely to say, "What, out of your life, do you wish to show us?" That sharing is the gift of the journeyer who comes home to the beloveds. Out of all you have done, those things you have most loved will come forward for you to give.

Remember please, there is no boardroom of directors to sit you down and ask for an accounting. For most of you, there will only be one, because one great Being of Light is about all a newly freed soul can handle. And it will invite you to tell of your journey. From the very beginning of your life until the very end, the jewels, the gifts will be those times you have loved. Not loved perfectly, just loved the best you could. Please understand this deeply. You are not being judged, you are being guided.

You are being urged to love yourself and your earth plane experience. There is no other statement as important when you die as, "Share with me." And in sharing the moments of your love, there will come an awareness of the beauty and worthwhileness of the whole journey. All the obstacles and events that did not go right, all the things you wish had been different, will fade. And you will understand that by those loving actions in your life, you have added to the love of the Whole.

No one who dies comes up empty-handed of some loving action. No Love ever dies. You carry it in your Being, and give it as a gift. And so is it received, in gratitude.

~ Bartholomew


  1. In this day and age when every other person you know is doing what is now called 'channeling,' there seems to be a necessity to describe what exactly it is that I do, and why I bother to do it.
  2. First of all, it is important to state that there is nothing that feels 'channeled' about this experience. 'Channeled' as a word seems to reflect a narrowing rather than an expanding ... and the one word that seems to best describe what this process feels like is expansion. 'Channeling' sounds as though something from the 'outside' of you is somehow dropped into your body, remaining there until you have said and done what was to be said or done. So what really does it feel like?
  3. The best way to describe the unfolding which takes place is that, as I settle down, a vast silence begins to build within what I call my awareness. I become aware of a feeling-tone that is at the same time still, yet dynamic and extending ... silent, yet alive and full of potential. It is very hard to put into words. When the faces and surroundings have blended into what seems like a soft light, words come. These words come not form some energy that has dropped into my body, but rather from a place within me that is vaster than I usually experience myself to be, that is not confined to 'within me,' but rather removes the barriers of 'inside' and 'outside' until there is only a feeling of One. Not one THING, but just One. It is this feeling of present potential that we have named Bartholomew.
  4. Why name this process something like Bartholomew? Why not just 'It'? The name Bartholomew was created by two humans, John Aiken and myself, in 1977*. We decided that we needed to call all of this SOMETHING, and when we asked what 'All of This' wanted to be called, the answer was, "Anything you want, but remember - the formless has no name, being beyond the realm of name and form." We decided on Bartholomew as a reminder of that 'persona' in the past life whose name was Bartholomew, that now seems to be 'Mary-Margaret' in this life. All of these distinctions now seem unnecessary, but then was then, and now is now. So 'Bartholomew' as a name came into being as a reminder of that beginning time.
  5. So then, what is Bartholomew? Who knows? It is no THING, no FORM, no PERSON, no PERSONA. It is what it is -- wisdom and love and peace. It makes us feel beautiful and lovable and hopeful in its presence. It shines a light on that within us that is most aligned with the God-Self, the beauty and wisdom of our Being. It is a part of the One, and knows itself to be one with the All.
  6. What is all of this for? It seems to me that it has come to help us awaken from the unreal into the real. Perhaps Bartholomew says it best in the following quote:
  7. "The solution to the dream is to awaken. Just keep going by the sweetness of your awareness down to that place in your physical body where there is no dreaming, but rather a seeing of light, a feeling of silence and presence of love. Go there over and over. What happens, my friends, is that this part that has never slept and has no form begins to move closer and closer, enveloping the ego-separated dream. The resulting blend produces no loss, only awakening."
  8. "Understand, you have all dreamt a different dream, and together you have dreamt one dream. If you want help within the dream, I am not the best guide because my job is to help you awaken past that dream world. To talk about the dream characters -- how to heal a dream character or how to bring one back who has left your dream -- is not my purpose. You see, I would say that one dream is like another is like another. And there are those who can provide dream-help within the dream-state. But if your desire is to remember that part of you that has never slept or dreamt, then we are in rapport, and I may be able to assist."
  9. Year after year, I see those of us who have listened to the guidance and PRACTICED it beginning this awakening. I see us turning away from the belief that the illusion will make us happy, and turning to the only place where real safety lies -- within. I see the struggle we have as new temptations arise to turn us back to the illusion for happiness -- a new house? A new love affair? More money? But I now sense that we have begun to really learn that while all these new wonders are delightful and can be fully enjoyed, they are only passing clouds, here one moment, dissolving the next. We seem to be learning that the awareness of the vast sky is the goal, not the passing clouds. We seem to be awakening from the DREAM of who we THOUGHT we were to the knowing of what is Real.
  10. So I dedicate this book to all of us who have heard what our 'brother' has said, and have kept our vision on the goal-less goal, and have supported one another as we journeyed on this journey that goes nowhere, but is everything. Without each others' support, humor and love, no awakening would have been possible.

~ Mary-Margaret Moore
*All of this began when John hypnotized me for a back problem, and sent me into a 'past life,' where we ran into this experience. For further information on the beginning of this process, see the introduction of "I Come As A Brother, A Remembrance of Illusions".

Table of Contents


"Awakening from the Dream"


"Your Life is Perfect"


"Who am I?"


"Hawaii Workshop"

Do You Want To Be Free?

You Are Already Enlightened

The Psyche Yearns for Wholeness

Allowing Bliss

Mountains and Monkeys

The Delight of the Physical

Who Am I?

The Heart of God

You Are Not Who You Think You Are

Guilt Is A Messenger

An Exercise in Awareness

Love Is In Your Heart

The Illusion of Time and Space

Looking In The Wrong Place

Making Creative Movements In Your Life

Find Yourself and Be Free


"Energy, Miracles and Goddesses"


"Breathe In, Breathe Out"


"Strength in the Face of Adversity" 



"To Live the Ordinary Life"


"The Inner Landscape"



"Fourth Dimension Awareness"



"Jamaica Workshop"


The Razor's Edge



Sweet Mystery of Life

Where Is The Light?

Allow Yourself to Feel


The Best Friend You Ever Had

You Have To Be Present To Practice

Leading With The Heart

Do What Comes Naturally - Breathe

The Back Door

As Below, So Above

God Is The Ultimate Happiness

Peace In The Present

You Are What You Seek


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