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Beloved One,

We are so very grateful for all of the donations and offers of service and devotion as the Messengers of Peace begin the transition of moving our base of operations from Cincinnati / Northern KY out to Salt lake City and the area near Duchesne, Utah where the monastery is located. This is a period of transition during the next year and the Messengers of Peace have lots of travel and retreats before their stay at the monastery becomes a residency instead of a place to visit for a time. Already our friends Charles and Daupheni have moved from Cincinnati to Salt Lake City, and with Lisa joining Suzanne at the monastery the transition has begun. Jason and Kirsten and Jenny are in Canada for a 3 week devotional retreat, and all of the Messengers of Peace will join together at the end for a week long reunion. Jason and Kirsten will fly to Edmonton, Canada at the end of September, and Jenny will fly to join our friends Sarah and Thomas in Ireland. Then Jason and Kirsten will fly to Australia, and later in early November Helena and I will fly to France to join Jenny and our friends Fabienne and Thomas and Sarah in Paris before we all fly to Mallorca, Spain for most of a month in the area for a retreat at a villa and a nearby monastery. The feeling now is that the Messengers of Peace will unite again at the Living Miracles Monastery in May of 2010, and there will be much that comes in these in-between months that you can read about right here on our Yahoo global mailing list (Awakeninginchrist) at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AwakeningInChrist

Stay tuned for more to come...

The Summer is winding down, and I have the feeling to invite some friends for a weekend retreat at the Awakening Mind International Retreat Center near Holbrook, KY on Saturday August 22nd and Sunday August 23rd and Monday August 24th. My friend Donna Moldovan from Tampa, Florida has agreed to fly up and help organize the retreat, and we will begin at 2pm on Saturday afternoon and conclude our sessions at 11am on Monday morning.

The Awakening Mind International Retreat Center is located at: 750 Juett Rd., Williamstown, KY 41097 You can mapquest the address if you plan to drive to the center. My mobile phone is: 717.629.0950 if you need help with the directions on Sat. around Noon or thereafter when you are arriving at the center.

The suggested donation for the weekend is $295 and this includes airport pickups and
returns and food and lodging for the weekend. You can write to Donna at: "Donna Moldovan"
info@body-mindandspirit.net or call her at: 813-263-3816 if you would like to register for the weekend.

Monastery Beginnings...

After a wonderful beginning this Summer with the "Training to be a miracle-worker" gathering during the first weekend this month of August, the Living Miracles Monastery has been launched. We have a new website (http://miracles-monastery.org) and Doug Roy and Jenny and Helena and Lisa are taking the first steps in setting up a livingmiraclescenter.org that will serve both an upcoming new spiritual Center in Salt Lake City called Living Miracles Center as well as the Living Miracles Monastery.

Messenger of Peace Lisa Fair is living at the monastery with Suzanne Sullivan, and they have hosted our friends Keith and Devan and Bob and other volunteers who are helping get the monastery into shape as part of the ongoing forgiveness and mind training and mediation and prayer that is offered at volunteer work projects in preparation for a week long retreat with me during the first week of October. Lisa has done a great job of organizing the activities and setting the intention, continuing the work that she and Messenger of Peace Jason Warwick started in July during their visit to the area.

The monastery will host the Messengers of Peace in residence beginning in May of 2010, and offer retreats and devotionals to those who are interested in the experience of Enlightenment and deepening their spiritual practices of forgiveness and mind training and meditation.

If you would like to participate in the unfolding work involving the monastery, please contact Lisa at: 435-548-2479.

Forever in Love & Joy,



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