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Let Love teach you what You are.

Just tonight I watched and read the quotes from the powerpoint presentation with quotes by Eckhardt Tolle. Immediately it was my time to meditate, and immediately my mind was filled with light. I could see where my ego resisted truth and where my spirit already acknowledges the truth that all are entitled to miracles, love, respect, appreciation, validation and care.

Now old memories of pain are touched with a new thought: that once, were I thought I was wronged, I was really love, and I did not know this at the time. Now, right now, for me, this is a form of forgiveness that is new and higher and undeniably true and takes away all remnants of belief in sin and grievance in my mind and heart. The power of healing contained within the Course is exponentially richer. Oh! WOW!

I love the stillness and quiet that comes with thinking about Tolle's quotes. I recommend them to any who do not already know them.


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Hi thulananda,

I too really like Eckhart Tolle and it is actually Toll that put me onto the path to ACIM and I'm glad that I read Tolle first, because ACIM can be a difficult book to understand and Tolle's simplicity was such a great primer to ACIM for me. Even so, i still have trouble with ACIM the first time around LOL.

But I do love the stillness in his teachings. I just bought the Findorn DVD, which is great. I also love the fact that Tolle has humor in his teachings. He's actually a pretty funny guy, if you watch a lot of his gatherings that he does.

I have most of his books, though not the children's one he just put out LOL and I also have them on my IPod along with some of his gathering recordings.

A great little book is "Stillness Speaks" by Tolle. If you don't have this book. I highly reccomend it.

Take care,

Hi Walt,
In stillness all things wait.
In stillness time is unreal and only the mind knows.
In stillness I know that I am God.
In stillness I know that in the world I represent Christ.
All is held in stillness, which seems nothing to the conscious mind, but is everything to spirit.
And also in stillness, all minds are joined (ACiM lesson 336)
In stillness, there is no lifting up, or being carried, or swaying in a wind.
The Holy Instant is a wonder: in the surrender of all that cannot be still.
Freedom is essential to a mind that loves one's brothers as one loves oneself.
Has your learning from the wisdom and knowledge lessons changed your life?

Much love and laugher :-)

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