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ACIM Study Group Resources

To share Local Groups and input on sharing what is helpful. Resources include "Beginning The Process of Forgiveness & Study Group Procedures" and Miracle Distribution Center Study Group Data base

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Beginning The Process of Forgiveness - Study Group Procedures

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Thank you Joe Wolfe for this loving reminder: Five minutes in the morning.
(1) Breathe deeply. 'Watch thoughts without participation.
(2) Feel the sensation of Gratitude.
(Pick a point of referrence...something to be grateful for, i.e.,
"I Am not a body, I Am free. I Am still as God created me.")
Or...Thank You for the Truth!
(3) Write down the words, (every morning for 30 days)
"Thank You for everything You give Me."
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Handout 1, 2 and 3 in discussions below

Audio Discussions from ACIM Gather regarding forgiveness and study groups, will be uploaded on music player below. Item 3 (11-15 receptive listening discussion) addresses the controversial sentence "Again, I want to reiterate, unless a student has gone through this Second Phase with Jesus, and so far only Molly and one other student have done this effectively, they cannot know what the ego is up to."

Find more music like this on A Course in Miracles Lounge Suggested Study Group Activities To Foster Spiritual Growth Students can spend a part of each Study Group learning spiritual discipline, focus and receptive listening by engaging together in this meditative practice using these skills. Oftentimes listening to outside sounds or to music of nature’s sounds help a student focus upon something to listen to. In addition, it is suggested that students spend up to 20 minutes on their own for at least 3 days a week or more practicing these same skills towards the goal where focused,
receptive listening automatically switches the student into the right mind. Also,
in the Study Groups, after a formal meditative period, each student can report to
the others whatever part of the process of undoing the ego they are in which will
follow along the lines I have recommended above. The reports provide another
opportunity for a student to step back from the ego and look at what it is doing.
By doing this each student will be reinforcing what they are learning. While a
student is reporting, other students at this time will consciously practice a
receptive listening state, holding to just listening until they switch automatically
into the right mind. Then whatever reflection from God they are experiencing
can be seen in spiritual vision in the person who is reporting. In this way, the
right‐minded feeling will be increased and reinforced for the student extending
the right mind.

If the reporting student or the other students in the room are open enough to
receive the extension of the right mind, it will then be consciously shared and in
that sharing will be increased both for the giver and receiver. In this manner
participants of the group will be practicing receptive listening and rightmindedness,
which brings about true communication and what constitutes a
holy relationship between members of the group. If students are actively
engaged with each other in this way, not only will they become prepared to work
with Jesus, where they can hear him, but also they will be contributing in the
most powerful way to the spiritual growth of all members of the group. After the
meditation period and reporting period, there can be a closing where each week
a different student reads a paragraph from A Course in Miracles, which has been
most meaningful to them for that week. This paragraph can be read like a prayer,
which is shared with everyone in the group.

Lastly, the time that each spends reporting, and students may pass on doing this
if they wish, can be communally decided upon so that everyone in the group has
the opportunity to talk and learn in this way. If the group wishes, a new monitor
each week maybe assigned to time the meditation period and how long each
person can report so that there is a flow between what occurs and the time is
shared equally. It is suggested that a short interval is given to the reporting
student to notify him when their time is up so that they can wind down and end

When any student is reporting other students should not make suggestions or
counsel them if they become stuck. It is important that the reporting student is
left to look more deeply himself at what is happening to him while everyone else
in the group give him the space to work out his own problem.


*Details continued on Handout 1, 2 and 3 in discussions below

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The ACIM Mentor Newsletter- February 26, 2010

Started by Ruby Feb 27, 2010. 0 Replies

The ACIM Mentor Newsletter February 26, 2010The entire Plain Language ACIM is now available as a free download! To learn more, click…Continue

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Comment by Deborah Gary on November 15, 2009 at 11:30pm
Ruby, thank you so much for this invitation. I look forward to studying this material asap. Love, Deb
Comment by Doug Couch on November 19, 2009 at 4:19am
We need to stop name-dropping Jesus and spiritual buzz words. Heaven is all around...and it is you. Think of the blocks to awareness of love as being like the wall around Jericho. But instead of it falling flat, it fades from view, revealing the city as though the wall was not there. And indeed it is not. And yet...you are.
Comment by Ruby on November 19, 2009 at 3:08pm
The way I am looking at this material is in terms of its usefulness to me. And the goal being not so much that Molly is the authority but that Jesus is the authority. The material is about receptive listening, stillness, where we make the invitation to Jesus to guide us. I think this is what Molly is sharing. I am not concerned whether it was channeled or inspired. The material speaks to me and I am taking what is useful for me and leaving the rest. This is a highly individualized curriculum. I don't see Molly as an authority yet pointing the way to Jesus being the authority.

I was so grateful to get into Eckhart Tolle's work of simply being present (which ACIM calls stillness mentioned over and over again). Only a few weeks back, I thought to just step back from all the intellectual discussions, for words do often get in the way. The reason Molly's material speaks to me is because it resonates with my understanding of what is truly helpful and that is to bring my own darkness to light. That we are not at the effect of external appearances, but the source of error is within as is the Answer within. My experience of Jesus is not as a historical figure external to me, but the power of Love within me that when I join with this energy field and I don't think Jesus minds what we call Him... it is a reminder and reclaiming of my own divinity.
Comment by Doug Couch on November 19, 2009 at 4:37pm
We all really do love one another, and yet seeing this is true is often clouded by our view of what love is, what "one another is", and indeed, in the case of Jesus...what Jesus is. To recognize that Jesus is the symbol of love, and the symbol of the atonement...is to recognize accurately as far as that goes. The atonement is an energetic pattern appearance, and as such, is temporary (i.e.-illusion), as is energy itself. Love however, is not temporary, unlike the symbols which claim to represent it.

On one hand, it would seem to be semantic or trivial to mention this differentiation, but the impact of this is immense. 1. There is love, the very core reality of the infinite, omnipresent Christ...which we all together are. 2. There are countless symbols alleging to be "about" that reality. On the surface, it may seem insignificant, but #1 above requires whole attention to be wholly known. Whenever the attention is split, it is like a house (your mind) divided against itself, and the attention is attempted to be placed elsewhere...but...there is no elsewhere. So what that amounts to is the attempt to deny attention to the reality of Christ and its natural revelation...in order to give attention to symbols.

Symbols are always about representing, and the symbol "Jesus" is the epitome of the ultimate symbol. But the problem with this is that Christ (love) cannot be represented. True, it does not matter what we call Christ, and yet we go further than this, and according to ACIM and other writings and instructions, we assign and give over to that symbol (Jesus) the authority, based in the idea that we do not and cannot know the infinite reality ourselves. But we CAN know, and when we open our eyes, see that we DO know (all). In so doing, we abdicate the throne of our own creative power, by passing by that which shines from our altar, to give it to Jesus. Jesus cannot suffice in this, for it is OUR altar within, and we individually must take the name of the lord upon our own selves. And that name is not Jesus, or Jeshua, or Jehovah, or any other word-name for God. It is the intent, eternally embedded in will, to reference, give attention to, and share from that which lies within...or "I" (not the word, but the reality). Thus, instead of saying Jesus has all power (regardless of whether that is true), we must take the cloak of power unto ourselves and speak the truth...that I have all power. For indeed you do. It is not power over anything, but is yet the only power there is...pure infinite peace (not a feeling of peacefulness, or a peaceful lifestyle). When Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life...no man cometh unto the Father but by me' (paraphrased)...he was saying "I" (Christ/love/father/all) am these things, and that it is impossible to come through anything or anyone else, because there isn't anything or anyone else other than "I" (or "me").

Peace is outside of time (as you actually are)...and this is why it remains peaceful, for it cannot enter into the illusion of time and its world of false witnesses, and in its infinite wholeness, nothing stands against it. Despite the fact that the body's senses cannot apprehend peace, nor yet the thinking of the mind comprehend it (which is why it cannot be taught or learned)...that which is known of peace permeates this world as miracles, arising into the world of appearances as love (time-based expression of peace...not feelings or behavior) via faith (not beliefs). Re expression of love: real love is peace itself; and yet experience in time, mentally-emotionally related to love, and with maximal understanding called love...is for all practical purposes in time, love...but is like the happy dream of love, for love cannot be experienced, but only known wholly beyond time.

Do not hand over to a symbol, that which rightfully is your own. In the end result, you cannot do this anyway...but the attempt (tiny mad idea) generates the appearance of a divided world of illusion, because of its denial-based egoic action. To represent, is to look away from that which allegedly is represented...to a symbol instead. Symbols are not real and are not life...but Christ (love...your self...God) is real and is life. Look unto that, and as you do, it behooves you to stop handing it over to ideas and symbols. In a manner of speaking, calling upon "Jesus" is calling upon your ego, for only your ego would see Christ as Jesus and energy...for only in the temporary, illusory ego's world do these seem to exist. A man in the New Testament, following Jesus and his disciples, called out to him, calling him, Master. Jesus instantly turned and rebuked him...for, as the story points out, Jesus understood that he was nothing special. Jesus went further to say there is none good but one, and that is God (love...or you).

God is in his kingdom or heaven. And the kingdom of heaven is within you...and in fact, you ARE heaven, and ARE God. Simply takes looking there without preconceived notions, and noticing it...and the reality of you will in fact reveal itself to you directly. You are not usurping power or authority from Jesus or holy spirit or God...you are acknowledging the truth as revealed within, in the kingdom of God...YOUR kingdom (that's why it is within you...and within equals everywhere, for you are omnipresent).

Because we are so conditioned to lowliness, it seems difficult to acknowledge the truth of our power in the infinite godhead. We tend to believe that doing so is arrogance. But since it is true...acknowledging it is the confession which is needed (confession by seeing and knowing, not believing). Suggesting it is not so, and constantly handing off our authority and power of peace in all things to Jesus or anyone else...THAT is arrogance.
Comment by Ruby on November 19, 2009 at 9:19pm
I think we are in agreement Doug. As ACIM Manual tells us "The Name of Jesus Christ as such is but a symbol. But it stands for love that is not of this world. "..."Is he the Christ? O yes, along with you." As long as we are using words, it's all perception and relative. Truth cannot be defined. To define is to limit. Revelation is personal and beyond words. Namaste, Ruby
Comment by Doug Couch on November 20, 2009 at 1:06am
aye, and 'tis that
Comment by Doug Couch on November 20, 2009 at 1:08am
I turn all my cares and error remedying over to myself, the true and only authority capable of handling my affairs.
Comment by Doug Couch on November 20, 2009 at 11:18pm
To Know Again

Within you Joy
Latent and hidden
From your view for a day
And a moment gone by
Where you hid it once
When fear assailed
And vision blurred
To see not a Joyful Sun.

There I am
Light still aglow
Burning away the fear
That long held your heart.

Turn unto me,
The "I" that I am within you
And know again
The Joy we once knew.

Stilled now the cannon fire,
Gone now the strong winds,
Held close in my arms again
The one "I" always am in you.

To see, to know,
To set ablaze the heartfire
Eternal Flame of Heaven
Arise in us once again.

We are the One...
In All, One, and no other.
Commence now the patience
To sit here face to face.

Yes, come sit by me
With your sweet head
Again on my shoulder
To know again...
. ...as you are known.
Comment by Doug Couch on November 20, 2009 at 11:24pm
Winter Poem

As Winter's grip loosens,
Feeling the shifting sands
Of its own foundation,
A certain fading...
A memory...
Of something lost
Something gained.

What is it here I've demanded to know?
What afar off I've "needed" to find?

The mists gather light
In quiet forest dawn
Where I'd pondered the purpose
Of each flower and fawn.

Realizing somehow
In Winter's display
To let go each vow
To chase it away.

And what shall I fight
When the battle's all done?
What shall i win
When the victory's been won?

I am as I was
And ever shall be...
Eternally lost
And eternally free.

But how could this be...
The lost and the free?
When I just like you...
And only just me?

And so it was that Wintry day
When questions seemed important.

I take a deep breath
And surround myself with comfort.
I smile a little deeper now
And play in the Light without fear.
Comment by Doug Couch on November 20, 2009 at 11:30pm
Evening Falls

Blessed be the Life that I AM,
And indeed, It is so.
In shining array, the Truth mounts the Horizon
Like the newness of Dawn.

Held soft in my Heart,
Bright Altar burning...
Cleansing Waves of Glory...
Shadows judged aright.

. Moonshine...
. Stars in Wonder...
Fail to give their light
As Darkness becomes Enlightened,
Judged by Heaven's Sight.

Be we all acalm now,
Safe in Oneness' arms...
The place that soothes as balm now,
Long Meadow without Farms.

We Smile in Joy and hold our Hearts
Together, all as One...
And know not that we are Naked...
Radiant as the Sun.

No more comes the Crying Years,
The Weather now is Past.
The Darkness Falls...
. It's Shadows Fade...
And we are Home at Last!


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