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Our Dreams

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Our dreams

- Today I worked with a new dream that awoke in me the certainty of oneness in the mind of the Son of God. I realized that our thoughts intermingle because we share them and with a mystical/mysterious/miraculous sense of the Spirit at work in my mind.

Furthermore, the following may apply:
- how good dreams can contain a message about the presence of denied darkness
- how nightmares may be quite different when remembered in daylight
- how interpretations can touch on the surface only, while true understanding can reveal a deep oneness
- some dreams are simply dealing with everyday affairs
- other dreams contain a message that is received during sleep and needed the next day
- some dreams repeat themselves, sometimes in slightly different forms, but the same content repeats itself
- the moment of morning waking can hold images that are like condensed dreams into one picture
and of course there are many more forms.

Not all commonly acceptable symbols that may occur in dreams may be directly related to body orientation alone - there is a way of accepting dream messages without prejudgment and look below the surface to the dreamer within the dreamer.

By learning trust, and reawakening to God being love, and the deep joy remembering the Holy Spirit in my immediate experience as I write this introduction confirms its timeliness -- while Jesus can help us all to understand and work with our dreams when we invite him in.

Learning to discern the difference between the real and the unreal in our minds through dreams can teach the difference between what is lucid and what is not. All paths lead to one place, and that place holds nothing but light.

This group is intended to run with some guidelines about confidentiality, to ensure true safety for all those who would like to share about dreams in any way at all.

PS. The picture is by Kandinski and is named "Resurrection."

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Comment by Jeaneen Andretta on March 25, 2009 at 1:10pm
I had a very disturbing dream a couple of days ago. I was at a table where roast chicken was being served and than I was in a bowling alley and we were bowling with these funny looking plastic things, and thee were not many bowlng pins. There was a big muscular man and two other women. Than a little boy was there and he was in the closet with the big man- I'm not sure but he might have been beating on the boy- the man came out and said to me " he did not suffer" and I woke uo feeling literally physically ill. I have woken from dreams feeling scared bu never really ill. I asked Holy Spirit to please help me understand, but nothing yet. Love and Blessings, Jeaneen
Comment by Jean Weston on March 25, 2009 at 1:17pm
Interesting dream. I see the roast chicken as getting nourishment. Bowling with funny looking plastic things and not many bowling pins seems to represent difficulty in being able to really make a good 'strike' -- these obstacles making it more difficult to be a good bowler in a sense.....so that would represent some kind of block or obstacles........and the man seems to represent a 'threat' of some kind.....and the 'he did not suffer' seems to represent that something is dying that you are attached to (maybe if you are studying ACIM seriously, this could be your ego.....we all are attached to our egos!) Anyway, without trying to analyze I just thought I'd write what came through for me.........
Comment by Jeaneen Andretta on March 25, 2009 at 1:31pm
Jean, Thanks. I do take the Course seriously. Love and Blessings, Jeaneen
Comment by Jeaneen Andretta on March 25, 2009 at 1:37pm
I had a dream awhile ago, that was confusing,but at least pleasant. I was walking down a hallway and went up a flight of stairs turned around but the stairway had been filled in so I had to go up the stairs. When I turned a corner the was the big box and no way could I get around it, so I climbed over it and continued uo the stairs and than woke up. Like I said at least it was pleasant. Love and Blessings, Jeaneen
Comment by thulananda on March 26, 2009 at 11:21am
Hi Jeaneen, thank you so much for sharing about your dream. It takes a great deal of trust to do this and I congratulate you on your courage. What I see in what you write about your dream is that there seem to be several conflicting ideas; expressed through things that don't match, like plastic things instead of the heavy ball used in a bowling
alley; and especially what you write about the young boy and older man and a closet seems to indicate issues that may need careful and gentle work.
So I am praying for you to find the means to deal with these things through he power of love that comes with the Holy Spirit. Any other interpretation that you might give may have no bearing at all on the real content of the dream. So I ask for your protection, your healing, and safety with lots of blessings of patience.
Lots of love
I have found that when my emotions are connected with fear, good things can become threatening. I even saw the Holy Spirit as a devouring lion once, because I was so afraid of the Holy Spirit a long time ago. That is now changed, thank God! :-)
Comment by Jeaneen Andretta on March 26, 2009 at 12:23pm
Thulananda, thank you, for taking the time to see through my dream. All your prayers I most appreciated, as a student of only 10 months the Course can bring out many fears as we heal. Thank you, again for you Love. Love and Blessings, Jeaneen
Comment by Jeaneen Andretta on March 29, 2009 at 12:30pm
Hi, I had a nothing wacky dream last night. In a sink ( I do not know if it was my own) they were fishes and a shark, the sink was out of water and the fishes needed water. The shark jumped ot of the sond on to the floor. I filled the sink up with water for the fish still in it. I was in a kitchen and there was a table.When the shark jumped out of the sink and on to the floor, I felt upset when I woke up, but fortuantely there were no sharks on th floor. One of those nights, where you seem to be dreaming on and of and just kep waking upo feeling either scared or uncomfortable. I talked with God about it, and kept falling back to sleep. I hope everyone else had a better nights sleep. Love and Blessings, Jeaneen
Comment by thulananda on March 29, 2009 at 9:56pm
Hi Jeaneen, this dream about fishes and sharks - I wonder if you have ever studied dream symbols, Christian symbols, and things like that? Fishes were an ancient symbol for the earliest Christians, and you finding them out of water - think about it!
The table also can be a very significant symbol.
And the shark?
I feel that God is very close to you, and my prayers go out to you. You will find more meaning later, because I feel this is an important dream and you might remember it more than some others.

My modem is broken, so I am writing this from the local library. Will write more when I am back online.
Comment by Jeaneen Andretta on April 1, 2009 at 2:19pm
Thulananda, thank you for you ideas of my dream. I have very little knowledge of dream or religious symbols. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I Hope your computer will be up and running soon. Love and Blessings, Jeaneen
Comment by Jeaneen Andretta on April 13, 2009 at 9:58am
I had an Awakening counsel sesion with Wenona and it was wonderul. I learned that my dreams are the way the Holy Spirit works through me. I was told to but a copy of Carl Jung books and a book on dream analyzing. I will be guided by a woman with a short bob haricut and will be wearing a pink drean flat shoes. My dreams are so wonderful. I woke the last week one night and I know I had been talking to God,I just we had a conversation, I can't remember what about but I felt so overwhelmed and at peace at the same time. And than Wenona did the wonderful session it was so great. I just thought the dream group would be interested. Love and Blessings, to all, Jeaneen


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