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instructions for paltalk access

Here is page for paltalk access for those on Mac computers.

ACIM Gather PalTalk Access
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ACIM Gather / PalTalk Access Instructions

What is PalTalk?
PalTalk is a website that provides software which makes it possible to have group meetings (of any size) using your computer as a voice and text communication tool. It’s a cross between a text only chat group and a voice only telephone. The great benefit of PalTalk is that we can join with each other and have meetings in the comfort and convenience of our own homes.

Your computer needs to have working speakers and, if you want to talk also, a working microphone. If you don't have a mic you can type your questions / comments for all to see in the room's text box. Test your equipment before hand. You can do this easily by using Windows Voice Recorder from the Start->Programs->Accessories->Entertainment menu.

PalTalk Gatherings are always held at the same location:

  • Open Website: http://www.paltalk.com
  • Select Group:  Education, then Click on Other
  • Select Room: ACIM Gather for A Course In Miracles

Follow these easy instructions to get signed on to PalTalk:

Note: PalTalk now supports MACs using this link: http://www.paltalkexpress.com/

1. Go to http://www.paltalk.com and, on the Home Page, go to DOWNLOAD PALTALK - FREE!

2. Then follow steps 1, 2 & 3 to DOWNLOAD, INSTALL and REGISTER.
Fill out the form that pops up.
(Hint: It really helps to use a Nickname that closely matches your name, so others in the room can easily identify you.  Also it is best to use your most active/recent email address.)

3. Access the PalTalk Software.
(Double-click the little Blue Icon on your Desktop.) Avoid and close out the several windows that Paltalk may use to "ask you to upgrade" your membership. Remember "Paltalk Membership is Free"

4. A Window opens up.  It is Paltalk Messenger 9.1
Enter the Nickname & Password you have chosen. Hit Enter.
(IMPORTANT:  Bypass the advertising for other Products offered, like PLUS.)

5. Click on Actions at the top of that Window. In the drop down window select Join a Chat Room.
When the Rooms Window opens, go down to EDUCATION click on it. And then Click on OTHER.

6. When  Education opens up... you will see many Rooms... Click on Other.
Then select "ACIM Gather for A Course In Miracles"... Click on it...
(Bookmark as Favorite for an easier access next time.)

That's it!   and, as David & Linda say,  JOYnUS!

If you have problems in accessing ACIM Gather,
contact Linda, linda@acimgather.org
or David, david@acimgather.org

ACIM Photo Cards by Shiranda Deerwoman

(Tired of those pesky PalTalk Pop-ups and Banner Ads? Try BannerBeGone)

Attention Admins: This Information can be copied and pasted into the banner of
PalTalk, acimgather, using the admin console. (Courtesy - Daniel Pemberton)

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