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I will attempt to use graphics to show how to activate the audio in ACIM Lounge 2:

Plug your microphone in. Check settings (right click on speaker icon on your clock tray at lower right side of your computer on status line; make sure your recording properties is set to microphone).

Enter ACIM Lounge 2 by clicking:
Open Chat! (on main page display and on lower right column of every page on ACIM Lounge underneath the monkey download button for toolbar)

Step 1: Click on your user photo

Step 2: Your display pic will be enlarged, click A/V Dock (as below):

click A/V dock

Step 3 : Your user photo will then be docked on right side . Click A turn on Audio (see below):

Move mouse over A (turn on audio will appear), click (green light indicates audio is turned on)

You will know you have turned audio on when you see a green A next to your user photo (as in graphic below). If you do not see green A, click settings... a window will open (Adobe Flash Player Settings)

Click first icon to enable hardware acceleration.

Click second icon from left which allows allows chat to access your microphone and camera.

Click microphone icon to make sure you have identified your microphone compatibility. (see below)
Make sure you have selected microphone which you are using (see selections below)

Once selected, click close. You should have green A next to your user photo which means your audio is now activated.

**** Once you have set up your mic and "docked" yourself, connect yourself to other users in room by clicking their user photos and clicking "Dock" underneath their photo which will move them over to right side of screen. You will know you are connected if a green A appears next to their photos under users. You can "dock" 4 users at a time (meaning you can interact audio/visually with 4 users at a time)..Others can listen in...but only 4 can talk to each other on mic a time.


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Comment by Ruby on March 23, 2009 at 1:22am
Thank you Joan... Was wondering if it was clear... thanks for the feedback.
Comment by Joan Williams on March 22, 2009 at 7:05pm
Great directions, Ruby. TY and lol, Joan

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