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Marianne156.mp3, 12.9 MB
Marianne161.mp3, 12.9 MB

    Marianne01.mp3          03-Jan-2008 03:00  12.8M  
    [SND] Marianne02.mp3 21-Apr-2008 21:57 13.6M
    [SND] Marianne03.mp3 03-Jan-2008 13:59 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne04.mp3 21-Apr-2008 22:08 13.0M
    [SND] Marianne07.mp3 07-Jan-2008 17:31 14.3M
    [SND] Marianne08.mp3 14-Jan-2008 01:27 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne09.mp3 10-Jan-2008 01:54 13.0M
    [SND] Marianne10.mp3 13-Jan-2008 12:26 10.8M
    [SND] Marianne11.mp3 11-Jan-2008 08:46 14.3M
    [SND] Marianne14.mp3 14-Jan-2008 07:11 10.3M
    [SND] Marianne15.mp3 16-Jan-2008 00:08 10.5M
    [SND] Marianne16.mp3 17-Jan-2008 02:15 13.3M
    [SND] Marianne17.mp3 17-Jan-2008 03:12 10.6M
    [SND] Marianne18.mp3 21-Jan-2008 12:45 11.0M
    [SND] Marianne21.mp3 21-Jan-2008 17:27 10.9M
    [SND] Marianne22.mp3 22-Jan-2008 12:16 10.6M
    [SND] Marianne23.mp3 23-Jan-2008 22:35 10.8M
    [SND] Marianne24.mp3 26-Jan-2008 11:56 10.8M
    [SND] Marianne25.mp3 26-Jan-2008 12:25 10.5M
    [SND] Marianne28.mp3 30-Jan-2008 02:14 9.9M
    [SND] Marianne29.mp3 29-Jan-2008 02:26 10.9M
    [SND] Marianne30.mp3 30-Jan-2008 01:58 10.8M
    [SND] Marianne31.mp3 31-Jan-2008 10:25 11.1M
    [SND] Marianne32.mp3 01-Feb-2008 09:16 10.7M
    [SND] Marianne35.mp3 05-Feb-2008 08:31 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne36.mp3 05-Feb-2008 10:35 12.7M
    [SND] Marianne37.mp3 06-Feb-2008 01:39 12.2M
    [SND] Marianne38.mp3 07-Feb-2008 00:59 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne39.mp3 08-Feb-2008 08:59 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne42.mp3 11-Feb-2008 14:50 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne43.mp3 12-Feb-2008 01:52 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne44WB.mp3 15-Feb-2008 15:57 1.3M
    [SND] Marianne45.mp3 15-Feb-2008 15:29 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne46.mp3 15-Feb-2008 15:39 12.7M
    [SND] Marianne49.mp3 18-Feb-2008 00:19 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne50.mp3 19-Feb-2008 22:20 11.3M
    [SND] Marianne51.mp3 21-Feb-2008 09:21 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne52.mp3 21-Feb-2008 02:10 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne53.mp3 23-Feb-2008 02:10 12.0M
    [SND] Marianne56.mp3 24-Feb-2008 22:44 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne57.mp3 25-Feb-2008 22:41 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne58.mp3 12-Mar-2008 21:33 12.0M
    [SND] Marianne59.mp3 27-Feb-2008 15:07 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne60.mp3 28-Feb-2008 16:08 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne63.mp3 02-Mar-2008 13:49 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne64.mp3 03-Mar-2008 21:28 11.9M
    [SND] Marianne65.mp3 04-Mar-2008 12:43 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne66.mp3 05-Mar-2008 22:32 13.0M
    [SND] Marianne67.mp3 06-Mar-2008 15:12 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne70.mp3 10-Mar-2008 04:35 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne71.mp3 10-Mar-2008 12:55 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne72.mp3 11-Mar-2008 10:28 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne73.mp3 12-Mar-2008 20:13 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne74.mp3 13-Mar-2008 13:36 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne77.mp3 16-Mar-2008 10:50 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne78.mp3 17-Mar-2008 12:28 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne79.mp3 18-Mar-2008 09:07 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne80.mp3 19-Mar-2008 10:42 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne81.mp3 21-Mar-2008 00:59 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne84.mp3 23-Mar-2008 12:44 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne85.mp3 25-Mar-2008 02:37 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne86.mp3 25-Mar-2008 20:14 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne87.mp3 26-Mar-2008 17:06 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne88.mp3 27-Mar-2008 07:34 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne91.mp3 30-Mar-2008 11:32 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne92.mp3 31-Mar-2008 20:12 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne93.mp3 01-Apr-2008 07:11 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne94.mp3 02-Apr-2008 22:02 12.8M
    [SND] Marianne95.mp3 03-Apr-2008 08:45 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne98.mp3 06-Apr-2008 09:32 12.9M
    [SND] Marianne99.mp3 07-Apr-2008 07:08 12.9M
    [SND] One minute 2.mp3 11-Sep-2008 22:16 117k
    [SND] One minute 3.mp3 12-Sep-2008 20:04 105k
    [SND] One minute 4.mp3 07-Oct-2008 11:10 226k
    [SND] One minute 5.mp3 07-Oct-2008 11:10 124k
    [SND] One minute 6.mp3 08-Oct-2008 08:12 123k
    [SND] One minute 7.mp3 16-Oct-2008 07:56 216k
    [SND] One minute 8.mp3 16-Oct-2008 07:56 121k
    [SND] One minute.mp3 11-Aug-2008 17:03 223k


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    Comment by Debrah on September 25, 2009 at 2:33am
    Hi, are there more XM ACIM recordings beyond 99? Thank you for making these available!

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