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"This fear of love and this fear of intimacy is really the fear of the power of our minds. It is this strange belief that we could misuse the love that we were created with, that somehow that we actually had the power to miscreate.
And this is why people are afraid of their thoughts. They are afraid that they could misuse their thoughts and actually turn away from God's love. This idea that everything we are perceiving is thought is just one step. But when we perceive war and disease and murder and rape, that is horrifying to think that our mind could miscreate such a world. And so, before we can return to the Glory, and Jesus Christ was a wayshower for us, we have to be able to distinguish the true from the false and that is why Jesus said, when I go away I will send a comforter.
The Comforter is always with us, this soft gentle voice that says my beloved child you could never mis-create! Heaven is unchanged by these strange ideas. You only see distortions in your perception as a separate being apart from heaven and none of this is true."
~David Hoffmeister

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