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March 1st 2009 and rain has been falling for the better part of two days in the Carolinas and average air temperatures are in the low 50's as we greeted this morning's awakening daybreak. Weather man has us in a winter's watch for heavy rain turning into snow, a snow that could leave the Charlotte area with 4 to 8 inches of snow. Wind has been a factor in moving clouds and driving rain showers most of the morning hours and well into the afternoon. Hmmm............a couple slices of bread, some cheese and a bowl of hot tomato soup might just make the evening meal a refreshing break from the front window's picture of the outside world.

Seven o'clock rolls by and phone calls are coming in from relatives and reports of snow falling in South Carolina at Rockhill. Rocky, our boston terrier is anxious as he does not like the rain, and will not go outside in the fenced backyard; but wow is he ever full of energy to dispell. I give in about eight fifteen in the evening and go into the garage to find my water proof boots and Rocky is excited and right at my heels. I look outside and what did I see............no reindeer........but an inch and half of snow already fallen on the ground and plenty more dropping from the sky. Rocky, I say.......It's a winter wonderland out there.
Everything is freshly covered and it crunches when you step out and move across its white apron of moist packing snow.

Moving quietly now, except for the noise of snow compacting under my boots Rocky and I begin our journey of walking around the sub-division we call Chadbury. Suddenly to my hearing comes loud shrill noises of young females pitched into frenzy over the experience of new fallen snow in their front yard.
These girts are acting like boys, in that in the midst of their uncontrolled joyful antics they were picking up handsful of wet snow and packing snowballs to throw at the nearest of them. Memories flood the mind of my New England youth and of other snow fields enjoyed as a youth full of energy and unafraid to have my face washed and to wash anothers in the pure white prestine fallen snow.

Weather is a natural phenomenon that occurs upon our planet to enable life in the kingdoms of all manifested life to flourish and thrive. Snow demonstrates the apparent purity of the event by covering all with a fresh clean and pure look. The lack of friction between the moving surface parts of the body and earth also gives the event an equalizer affect of becoming calm, peaceful and serene.........or at least in a very short moment of time you find the center of your body gravity at its lowest proximal point. Suspension of motion is feel even within the motion being sensed by the eyes observing the newest falling flakes about you. While snow is not truly a spiritual manifestation we do see familiar conditions that occur within its accumulation around us. Reminds me..............~

While still in the US Military and in Florida near Miami I was searching for truth within organized forms of religion. I had not known of ACIM, nor would I for another two years. Yet, my searchs lead me into liberal religious beliefs all centered upon the same Source, God and God's Son, Jesus Christ. I knew and sensed the link of kinship between mankind and Jesus, as well as God...........but had not yet a experience through which to verify the validity of their existence. I went so deep into my search that I studied at the Miami International College of Hypnosis Studies in Miami with financial assistance through the GI BIll. My instructor, an ex-Jesuit Priest Missionary to Eucador from Toronto, Canada gave me windows through which I could access my mind's ability to relax both the body and the mind, while still holding conscious recognition for being alive. Within the cirriculum was a historical study that gave students a background within the movement of hypnosis and the people within the world stage that used various forms of it. From the religious background of our Professor we learned of three religious American forms of religious expressions that seemed to use a form of progressive relaxation within their liturgy. One of those was Science of Mind that was established by Ernest Holmes in the Great Depression Era of California's southern peoples. I began to open and study my own habits and behaviors during this period of study. I was married and we had a child each; one from her first marriage and another from our own. I was venturous and bought a large sport fishing boat that nearly sank us.
In the turn of events to upright the budget I came to seek guidance from some acquaintances concerning the selling of the boat. Within this interview that I was over anxious about having and during the pre-engagement of conversants I had a pre-cognitive clairvoyant vision I also confessed my avarice had overwhelmed my judgments and I needed to protect my family from poverty so that selling this boat was not only at my best interest, but the best interest of my family members. It got lost into my presentation of my needs to two men and when it was over I found myself standing in a room with one of their female assistants and I caught the unnerving stare which she was observing my nature. Quickly, ego was recovering from the uncomfortable observation going on and it had me checking all openings of clothing and then discovering that I had my flight cap on my head. As I raised my hand to remove the flight cap, the attendant dropped her glance and I observed 'plasmic translucent light particles' adorning the stitching of the flight caps top folds. Ego was grasping for meaning and consciousness was desiring to know of its origin and it nature. Slowly, as not to cause anymore undue attention than was already apparently held by this female assistant, I lifted my finger to the beads of light particles and slowly wiped them into invisibility. Today, I recognize this event of giving thanks to others for reaching out in love through human form to attempt to alleviate my apparent suffering at the time. My Highest-Self was acknowledging their gift of compassion, a gift that my ego-self thought impossible to find in human beings that were associated with any military force and even within any military of any country in the world in which we find our existence. I, my ego was wrong, mistaken and my Higher Self brought that to attention without the use a word, a gesture or a motive of self-gratification. Life is full of lovely fallling objects and when they appear to be suspended in time, well as now being a student of ACIM since 1982, I can tell you, I would call that moment...........A Holy Instant..........an instant of love shared between souls that were incarnated as human beings in world that was illusionally dangerous, but high-lighted by a Soul that was unafraid of what it is. This event brought me to use my penname of Lightdrops and I am sure that I am not the only incarnated Soul that has had such an event. Now I know that my Soul has scripted for me a journey, a journey that It will always be alongside and accompany me, my ego conscious self through what seemingly might appear to be trials and tribulations; but are nothingness in comparison with the truest identity of Self. Lightdrops

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Comment by Deva Premal and Miten Audio on March 2, 2009 at 12:31am
How beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this. I was struck by that phrase light drops... so beautiful. It's snowing here in New Jersey as well. I smiled as I read your post. It is so lovely when it's just falling clean and pure. I had also read Science of Mind and work of Ernest Holmes before coming to ACIM .. it was a great introduction to my journey now with the Holy Spirit. Namaste, Ruby

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