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Hi there,

Sometimes it's difficult to give you a synopsis of the latest "Oh My God! I'm Free!" session because we go into so many ideas.

I started out with talking about how ego keeps us mindless with a focus on the body -- the body being the great distraction. A Course in Miracles speaks about how we project our guilt and fear onto our bodies, other people and the world at large to keep us from looking at the real problem -- the thought that we are separated from our Source.

We are not at home here and on some level we do know this, and so we project this sense of lack into our world, which includes our bodies. This is why no matter how attractive one is in form, he or she may still feel lacking. The ways we project our separation (lack consciousness) are seemingly infinite, i.e., lack of money,health love... When I am feeling a sense of lack in some aspect of my life, it helps me to remember that I must turn within to be fulfilled, not out there.

The ego's plan for freedom is always to fix something out there...a fruitless search of seeking, but not finding. The thought of separation is in the mind, not the body, and so it is there we must return to heal.

Over the weekend I watched the movie Surrogate. The idea was that people could buy surrogates, which are robots that look and feel human. They could design them any way they wanted, so for instance, an 80 year old man could walk the world as a young beautiful woman. The "humans" were home in bed living their lives through these robots. When the surrogates are eventually destroyed, we see dazed humans coming out of their homes in pajamas and bathrobes.

They had literally been sleeping away their lives.

I thought about how we're kind of like that, sleeping, yet walking the world as ego's surrogate. In order to walk in the world as Love's surrogate, we must awaken to the truth that we are Love and that we are guided from within. Yet we are told in the Course that it's not sleeping that terrifies us, but waking up.

Since these OMGIF sessions are about dealing with addictions and compulsions, we can give them to Holy Spirit to use for healing. Divine Love cannot take what we are unwilling to give it. "Do not hide suffering from the sight of Love, but bring it gladly. Let Holy Spirit heal you. Do not leave any spot of pain hidden from the light, and search your mind carefully for any thoughts you may fear to uncover. For HS will heal every little thought you have kept to hurt you and cleanse it of its littleness, restoring it to the magnitude of God." (T-13.III.7:3 paraphrased)

This week we can work with inviting HS into our addictions and compulsions. Remember that we're not just talking about behavior patterns, but also the addictions to self-pity, anger, and the like. And of course, we all have the compulsive pattern of listening to ego! ha!

So how do we do this inner work? Simply ask, Holy Spirit (Divine Love), join with me that I may see myself and my body differently. Or, ask your inner teacher to show you a practice that works for you.

In this way, we allow our inner teacher to teach us that we are not bodies, we are Spirit. We can learn to observe what we do and say and think, and yet not identify with it. We then come to identify with our true Self as our identity, Love as our identity, rather than identifying with our bodies and walking the world as ego's surrogate -- asleep and thus unconscious.

As I go about my life this week,

Holy Spirit,
teach me the right perception of the body
so that I may experience the freedom of You.


Much more is shared on the audio, found at: http://www.sherylvalentine.blogspot.com
or http://www.gifttomyself.blogspot.com

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