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Today is Christmas. I feel so blessed. Life…what a gift! Thank You.

I like to think of life as a classroom, and at least for me, class was not dismissed for the holidays! I had planned to work most of the week in my chiropractic office, and so on Sunday night I made a list of all the holiday errands I needed to fit around my time in the office.

The week started out well enough, on Monday morning on my way to the office I decided to stop off at a particular store to buy a gift for someone, and while there, I found a fabulous purse on sale! I left the store delighted with my purchases and entered the parking area where, I evidently missed a step, and fell hard to the pavement. I won’t bore you with all the gory details, but I left the parking lot with one ankle fractured and the other one sprained – things went downhill from there. Needless to say, this past week I did not work in my office or get any of those holiday errands done.

A Course in Miracles has quite a bit to say about how we make the future continuous with the past by being absent in the present. We make plans about what will be needed tomorrow, based on whatever went on yesterday. This week I was provided with an experiential lesson on how the “best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”
Through this experience I realized, not for the first time, that in any moment life could take a totally new direction. And, amazingly, this is okay. I reflected on how the situation could have been a lot worse, and how for the first time, I get to stay home for seven days without worrying about the business.
I’m not really sure how these life events are orchestrated, but it doesn’t seem to be an “accident” that this accident occurred at this time. Much of my inner work of late has been on going deeper into “I am as God created me”, and allowing my Inner Teacher to teach me right perception of the body. So here I have an experience that causes me to be even more mesmerized by the body!

It has not escaped my awareness that injuring both ankles at the same time must contain some sort of metaphysical message. Some believe that the body has absolutely nothing to do with spirit, but in my experience both professionally and personally, there is a definite connection of body-mind-spirit. In the case of sprains, the metaphysical cause is, “not wanting to move in a certain direction. Resistance to change.”

Wow! This is incredibly right on because for many months I have been guided to move into a new direction and have experienced much resistance. Recently I’ve sought for deeper guidance in regard to this.

Interestingly enough, a friend directed me to a blog post where the author had a similar experience. Immediately after she felt that she achieved a heightened spiritual awareness, she fell down steps in her home and severely sprained her ankle! She saw it as ego resistance.

The Course doesn’t tell us that the body doesn’t exist, rather, it tells us that the body is a “fact” in human experience, yet, it is not who you are. Nevertheless, the body can be used by Holy Spirit to heal our mind, or used by ego to distract from healing. The body is, of course, ego’s major weapon of mass distraction!

When I came home on Monday, I spent the afternoon in bed reading the Course and meditating on healing. But then, I let ego move in as substitute teacher – teaching lessons on being hypnotized by form, namely, the form of my ankles!

Nevertheless, I have continuously called on Divine Love to eject this substitute teacher! Consequently, I have been able to really see how differently these two teachers taught the class. With ego at the head of the class: I thought about my body, how long it was going to take to heal, if I could go back to work next week, and what would happen if I couldn’t. Not to mention that all I want to do is eat, and now I cannot exercise!

As I let my mind rest on “Let me remember I am one with God” I was able to see the gifts in the experience. God is. God is in the present. When I am not resting in the present, I am not resting in the Presence, and thus cannot received the presents that the present holds. Bet you didn’t think one could use that word so many ways, eh?
All things can be used by Holy Spirit to show us the way home. Love whispers to us now:

This Christmas give Me everything
that would hurt you.
Let yourself be healed completely
that you may join with Me in healing.
Trust the process of life
to take you to your highest good.
Rest in the present,
in peace.

I must also say here, sappy though it may sound, that I’ve always viewed my husband as one of God’s greatest gifts to me. His unconditional love and support of both Bobby and me, has been an unending source of healing throughout our years together. Not surprisingly, this week he has been my major Christmas gift. Thank you God and Thank You Bill. J

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Comment by Sheryl Valentine on December 27, 2009 at 1:56pm
Hi Melody
yes, right on! ;)
Comment by Melody Vantucci on December 27, 2009 at 10:06am
Hi again Sheryl~

I have chosen my Teacher, and have been with Him for the last several days. "Forgiveness is still and quietly does nothing. It mere looks and waits and judges nots." Being in your right mind, is being in your wrong mind, and looking without judgment or condemnation of oneself. ;-)

J/HS works through all of us in a different and unique way. We are one at the mind level, (spirit level) but on the form level we are all different, therefore so are our curriculums and classrooms, which J/HS use to teach us what we most need to learn.
Comment by Sheryl Valentine on December 26, 2009 at 12:01pm
Thanks Melody...and yes, I agree that ACIM teaches that all is neutral...which Teacher will you choose? Hope you're enjoying the holidays! :)
Comment by Melody Vantucci on December 25, 2009 at 4:12pm
Wow, Sheryl, am doing a quick check as we leave for more holiday celebration. What a wonderful example of going through a broken ankle, as well as a sprained ankle with the Holy Spirit.

I am told that once anything happens, it is completely neutral. Our power of choice lies in which t/Teacher we experience the happening with. In my judgmental opinion ;-) I would say you chose the Teacher of Love.

Thank you for sharing this~


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