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Beloved One,

In January of 2003 I had just returned from many travels around the United States sharing gatherings based on my experiences with A Course In Miracles. I was ‘visiting’ my peace house in Cincinnati, Ohio, and enjoying a rest period in between travels. A friend of mine had joined with me and made another inspired CD of songs and music that was titled the ‘Music of Christ.’ I posted a note on some of the online ACIM groups that I participated with, saying that the CD was freely available and that anyone could write to us to receive a copy. My friend received an e-mail from a woman who said she lived in a far off country, and the woman said she didn’t know if we could afford to send her a copy. My friend replied that we could send her a set of CDs, and told me later that the woman has replied back saying, “So happy to hear that you are coming to Argentina!” I asked what my friend had written in the first e-mail reply, and she said only that we may travel to other countries someday.

A couple days later my friend and I were driving towards Indianapolis, Indiana to meet a man we had never met and share a gathering with a group of people later in that city. My friend told me we were early, so we called the man and decided to take a walk in a nearby park on that Winter day. On the walk the man, who I had never met before, asked me if I had ever thought of traveling to other countries and sharing my experiences. I said I had never had that thought, and then remembered and told the man what the e-mail we had received a couple days before had said: “So happy to hear that you are coming to Argentina!” The man said, “Argentina! I love Argentina,” and as we continued to walk he offered to fly my friend and I, himself, and another friend of ours to Argentina. He then said that he had participated in a contest sponsored by various Latin American airlines, and that he had won the grand prize of one million frequent flyer miles. He told us that a couple days before meeting us he was praying and said had told God “I enjoy flying and visiting many friends and places in the world, but I’m going to give these frequent flyer miles to use for your Purpose.” He then offered to fly us all to Argentina via Business Class. I felt the Joy welling up in my heart, and the feeling of Guidance and Peace I had come to know and trust and follow since the mid-1980s was very clear: we were all to go! I had rarely left the USA in my whole life, with trips into Canada, and now I was presented with the opportunity to fly to Argentina. In 5 weeks my first ever passport arrived in the mail, and we headed down to Buenos Aires for the adventure of a lifetime. My friend thought there would be a language problem, since I didn’t speak any Spanish. The Holy Spirit went before me in ALL ways, and there was never a problem.

In Argentina the four of us were hosted and transported from place to place. The woman who had written the original reply of ““So happy to hear that you are coming to Argentina!” and her friend, both ACIM teachers and Guided by the Holy Spirit, had arranged 19 consecutive gatherings on 19 consecutive days. Many gracious hosts opened their homes and meeting places to receive us, and we shared the Love in our hearts with hundreds of people that we met. My friend sang to them, we shared teachings and experiences from our lives, and the people asked many, many questions and poured out their hearts about the issues that mattered most to them. There were about 12 translators during the 19 days, and when a translator would get stuck on a word or phrase someone would call out from the audience who was inspired by the Spirit. Participants at the gatherings would put their names in a basket, and at the end of the gathering I would pull names of people to receive free Music of Christ CDs. The women who attended were often telepathic and always filled with joy and happiness, and as the name was called for the next free CD, an eruption of happiness would start all over again. These miraculous gatherings continued day after day, and it was as if we were all being carried in an effortless and giant Flow of holy encounters and synchronicities. I can still recall the looks on the faces of the people who crowded into the small venues to hear us and fully join with us.

The trip to Argentina launched my life’s work with A Course In Miracles to an even deeper phase of profound trust and consistency. From this experience I relaxed and opened up my heart to many, many more opportunities to travel and be spoken through and thus Answer the Call of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This first overseas trip for me was a huge reminder that there is One who goes before me, making straight my path and leaving in my way no stones to trip on and no obstacles to bar my way. I was often reminded of the song and lyrics from Oman and Shanti called ‘The Promise,” which was directly from the A Course In Miracles Textbook. With my headphones on the long flights to and from Argentina, I immersed myself in beautiful, inspiring Spanish music that helped swirl my heart feelings and lift them higher and higher. The Love inspiring these miracles has gone on and on and on for me over the last two decades, and it has carried me to thousands of glorious holy encounters with my sisters and brothers in 22 countries and 49 states in the USA.

Today I still travel the world. The days of hopping from city to city and town to town have gradually dwindled, and I work and live with a small group of people known as the Messengers of Peace. In 2010 we will be residing and hosting longer retreats at the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah after I and a few of the Messengers return from a joint workshop with Gary Renard in Hawaii and retreats in Northern and Southern Australia. I enjoy a consistent experience of peace of mind, and rest content in a very free flowing, loving, and joyful life inspired by Spirit. I hope to meet you along the way, and walk side by side with you in God’s Joy.



David Hoffmeister has touched the lives of thousands around the world with his radiant joy, spiritual teachings, and dedication to Truth. He is an enlightened mystic who lives in Divine Providence, and his life is a demonstration of his message. For almost two decades he has traveled the world, sharing the message of Love, Oneness, and True Freedom where he has been invited across four continents. His journey involved the study of many pathways and finally he was led to a deeply committed practical application of A Course In Miracles. For those who hope that enlightenment in this lifetime is possible David is pure inspiration. Joined with the Messengers of Peace, David continues to support Awakening through inspirational gatherings in many countries, in-depth teaching materials and an expansive internet ministry. Together, they live a devotional life, relying completely on Divine Providence.


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