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How Can I Say ‘Yes’ To This Situation? by Brandt Morgan

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by serious problems that you had no idea what to do next? Ever had a to-do list ten miles long? Been in debt with a dwindling bank account? Been embroiled in a family conflict or failing business? Had a serious disease or disability? Been lost in grief over the death of a loved one? 

Health, money, work, relationships—whatever your life situation, it can sap your strength and leave you like a deer caught in the headlights, with no idea which way to turn. How do you get out of the mire when you don’t even know what your next step is? 

We all have challenges. Some are painful and long and difficult, and everyone’s circumstances are to be respected. I can’t say what your solution or next step is, but I can offer a simple question that may help steer you out of the “stuckness”: 

In moments of overwhelm, when your mind is running in all directions, stop, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “How can I say Yes! to this situation?” 

Right now, just for fun, look at a problem and ask the question: “How can I say Yes?” 

Do you notice what happens when you ask the question? All of a sudden, you’re out of “victim” mode and in your power again. Your whole focus shifts from the problem to the solution. Just asking the question snaps you into the present moment, where you automatically feel more peaceful and more responsible for your life. 

In the present moment, you’re “home” again. You’re no longer wasting energy in worry or doubt or indecision. In fact, you might even see the problem as a gift being offered to you by life or the Creator—a gift intended to make you stronger, wiser, happier, or more fulfilled. Asking “How can I say Yes to this situation?” you suddenly shed the small, suffering self and expand into the universe of the real you. 

Once you’re in that universe—or, more accurately, once you’re aware that you are that universe—you have a lot more options. There may be many different things you can do. And you are certain to see them more clearly. Maybe you’ll choose to speak out. Maybe you’ll choose to change a habit. Maybe you’ll choose to take some dramatic action… or none at all. 

It hardly matters what action you take, because now it will be a choice, not a reaction. And that action will spring from love instead of fear, calm instead of confusion, truth instead of another sad tale in the story of “me.” Now, whatever you do will be infused with who you are. And that will make all the difference. 

Maybe you will find that there is nothing you can do. Nothing except release your resistance to what is. Nothing except accept the situation, at least for the moment. Yet in this state of mind (or no-mind), you may find that doing nothing is everything. Maybe you will find that even with no outer action, you are open and at peace, and your world magically changes without your lifting a finger. 

When you’re knowingly who you are, life becomes a very different journey. Without thinking about it, you are suddenly in “right relation” to yourself and your fellow humans. You speak without anger. You act without malice. And you’re surprisingly efficient. Instead of adding fuel to the fire, your very presence helps to put it out. Instead of polluting the environment, you help to clean up the mess. You’re happy living from the inside out. 

When you say Yes! to life, it flows a lot more smoothly. And it’s a lot more fun. Try it sometime. Don’t be surprised if you have to remind yourself again and again. I know I do—almost every day—but it’s worth it. 

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