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A dear friend named Pelkyong posted this Thought for the Day on her Yahoo Group Board and I thought how appropriate; as all of us, me too; have yearned to spread the 'news' about our ACIM experiences and literature, songs and hammer the heads (minds) of those sleeping friends and acquaintances so that they might not miss the boat. Well, here you go:

Thought for the Day

You are here in a body to do your own work.

It is not your job to try to awaken others

to the truth of Self, God or the present moment.

Sleep is not a mistake. It has its purpose.

Consider a seed. It sleeps quietly until planted.

After planting, it germinates in darkness

and sprouts only when it is ready to awaken,

and this cannot and does not happen until all of life surrounding this seed

is both capable and ready to support the seed’s unfolding.

To try to force another to awaken is to see them as separate.

To try to force another to awaken is to have failed to learn the lesson of trust.

To try to force another to awaken is to forget that the only person you came here to save is you.

"Try not to be a mushroom seed, oh; they propagate by budding." Plus the're covered with a special sauce.

(:-)) David Benson

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Comment by Ruby on July 16, 2009 at 11:29pm
Thank you David. Wonderful posting. Love and blessings, Ruby

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