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I will direct you to wherever you can be truly helpful and...

"I will direct you to wherever you can be truly helpful and to whoever can follow my guidance through you." -A Course in Miracles (Original Version)

In understanding that every encounter is a holy encounter, allows us to realize that we are here to help bring healing to others. Not because there are such thing as others, but because they are helping us see areas within ourselves that needs healing.

So wherever we are guided to go, it is simply an opportunity for us to deepening our healing so we can experience our true nature. That’s why I resist nothing for resisting anything is what the ego wants us to do so that we can remain in the darkness. And that is because if we heal, the ego dies. The line “and to whoever can follow my guidance through you” helps me understand that I am not here to manipulate or persuade others to listen to me, but that if I stay on purpose, those who need to hear what I have to say will be drawn to me.

I was asked in a radio interview how could I justify telling others to trust their inner guidance when I have a book to sell and a website to advertise. My response to the radio host was, “As I let go and let God, I find myself inspired to create websites and write books, however, the key is, I don’t need to manipulate others or persuade them into thinking that I have any answers. I simply trust that whoever is guided to me, it is because of divine intervention, and once they find me, which is simply me talking to me, for there is only one of us in the room, I simply remind them that all the answers they have been seeking are within.”

And by the way, why do I remind them that all the answers are within? Because according to the Course, I am what I teach. So in reminding them that the answers are within I am reminding myself that the answers are within.

In truth, don’t see myself as a teacher but as a pointer; pointing people (myself) in the direction to where the answers are, which is within. In regards to the radio host’s question, there is nothing wrong with advertising or with promoting. What we must realize however is that as long as we know that God is our real Source and Supply, there is no need to manipulate or persuade anyone. That’s the difference between been on purpose as opposed to outcome. Only when we are on purpose can we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us.

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