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Hi there

The other day, while driving to work I saw a man walking his dog. Spontaneously I thought about how much I love Dogs. I have this thought practically every time I see a dog.

As I watched the dog joyfully scamper next to his owner, I realized that I've never had a thought about how much I love people. In fact, for many years I totally resonated to Linus of "Peanuts" fame who said, "I love humanity, it's people I can't stand!"

Many years ago I had a revelation that there is nothing more important than learning how to give and receive love. I made a decision then and there that I was going to figure out this love thing. Since then I have learned quite a bit about love, although I readily admit to being remedial in the practice of it. Nevertheless, I've come a long way baby! I actually no longer feel that I can't stand people. HA!

Learning to love can be frustrating because while we are often told to love other people, no one tells us how. It was a big turning point when I realized that no one could tell me how to love. Before we can truly love other people and ourselves, we must first bring awareness to why we don't.

A Course in Miracles says that my task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find within myself, all the barriers that I have built against it. Therefore, learning how to love requires a willingness to uncover our obstacles to love.

Love is God's territory. We are taught how to love through the Spirit of Love that lives within us.

The primary block to love is fear. Our conflicts stem from an unconscious fear of love. Ego = Fear = Separation. When God's Spirit is invited into our relationships, they can be used to reveal our fears and return us home to Love. Holy Spirit = Love = Union.

Feelings of negativity toward anyone, from a clerk in a store to your mate, offer opportunities to seek help and healing.

Holy Spirit

Please help me see this person

through your eyes of Love

rather than mine of

judgment and fear.

Thank you.

My responsibility is to ask for help. Only the loving tutelage of your Inner Teacher can heal you, and thus your relationships. With Spirit as your teacher, relationships become a classroom where you can learn the lessons of love.

Although honestly folks, I don't know if I'll get to loving humans more than dogs in this lifetime, yet I persevere.

And so as I go forth today to join with fellow humans, I have a choice...which t-shirt shall I choose? For in that choice lies heaven or hell. ;

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