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Let Love teach you what You are.

Seek to know that by which knowing
The nature of all things is known.

Seek to love that by which loving
The love all forms is known.

That by which knowing, loving, holding
Comes... Absolute Joy.

The One that is unbounded, unconditioned, limitless
That which we may call You, or He, or She
Shows though countless faces
While still Being only that Absolute Reality.

May we know That, and be free from suffering
Whether with two legs, four legs or no legs,
You, Oh One without a second.

Let us meditate on That, the supreme consciousness,
With countless forms, yet yourself.
Formless Being Itself...

Like ink and the many words
Like sand and countless sand castles
Though the Play, the Dance of illusion.

You the Unity, appears as Diversity.
How beautiful You are Oh One in your diversity.

Being both One joy and sorrow while still that One.
Let us remember that Bliss which is Always There.
Underneath, not depending on the multiplicity of the second.
Let us remember, remember, remember.

Like lost keys
Or the misplaced note of an old friend

Let us be still and quite
Not forcing with analysis
But allowing, inviting
The faded secret to come forward on its on.

As the Atlantic need not reject the Pacific to know the ocean
We need not reject one another to know the Truth.
As we need not reject the ocean
to follow the river to its source.

We need not reject religions or cultures
To recede into the Nondual Reality.

All roses are flowers
But not all flowers are roses
One can contain the other
But the second cannot contain the first.

The whole contains the part
But the part not the whole
So too, only the Infinite, Nondual
Contains the Dual.

While we peel away the layers of the onion
Let us remember the core,
which, itself, is but a phantom.
After all, let us remember, remember and remember
There is no core
There truly is no core
As we are One Absolute Nondual Reality
Without a second.

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Comment by patrice sauve on October 14, 2009 at 5:29pm
Steve, this is beautiful and timely!! Thank you. I was listening to Eckhart Tolle' audio clip here on this site about within Presence, there is room for emotion, differences, disagreements, etc. Key is to notice when we are identified with a mental position. Presence can then step in to soften the edges. Allow what is. Trust in One Reality. Lessons abound for us to learn how to handle differences gracefully, lovingly. Most of us are not very well practiced with it as we've tended to avoid them or just walk away--Hello, that would be me!! As I wrote yesterday, I can't afford to do this anymore.

To, "We need not reject one another to know the Truth," can I add "For it is within Truth we are One. Here rejection is not possible."

One question in what you wrote: Holographically, though, doesn't the part contain the whole?
Comment by Lonni on October 14, 2009 at 4:03pm
Truth is incredibly simple and pure. Thanks for these beautiful words and reminder, Steve.
You are an inspiration. Love, Lonni

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