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One Second After~Fiction, Novel, and Projects the end of our world as we know it through EMP.

Dear Ones,

During my trip I enduldged in buying a CD book, 11 cd's and 13 hours of narration entitled, One Second After.

I was not looking for mystery, murder, stealing and steath or sexual matters; all of which the ego transcends as the main characters of each novel as we have come to know them or have been exposed to them during some english literature course in high school or college. I would have to say that with my background and world experiences to date, this book offered to me retrospection of where I might have been without ever having been introduced to the book, A Course in Miracles. William R. Forstchen authored this book. Forstchen has a great sense of humanity from self-experience placed within the characters of this novel. Black Mountain, NC is the home base of the story; as well as the Ashville and Swannoa areas around Black Mountain. I have recreated in those areas, been to a Unity Retreat at Black Mountain and it is a favorite place within the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains that I love to camp. Okay, what is it about? It is about human beings being forced to survive as communities without the aide of computers and micro-circuitry associated with any applicance that operates via computer chips. The story is mundane and family oriented and then community involved.
Should you be a student of A Course in Miracles it should not hook you too terribly bad with its downsides, and yet, as a student of ACIM the story will pursue your learning and demonstrate for you an action that 'we' all should be taking in this 'NOW' moment to forestall and put asunder any futuristic causation of what put the author into expressing for us his fears of our world being exposed to an Electro Magnetic Pulse(s) from whatever unknown or known sources. Peace, Love and Unconditional Forgiveness is the root of our developmental plan for a better today, tomorrow and world for our children and theirs.


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