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We have heard the expression ever since we were children aware of speech, Me, myself and I as different states of being within a dualistic world, and now Oneness is ringing from every corner of the worlds within the earth upon which we reside; but along with Oneness come Self, self and I, i as if to say: we still are split in our identity and within our understanding of life. Within every (or most) religious institution the ministers, priests, clerics and clergy are accentuating the 'conversations' that take place within the reading of sacred text, holy scriptures and religious laws of etiquette within the mind(s) of the reader(s) with special emphasis that no two minds are always the on the same wave-length. As it is true also of students and teachers either studying or presenting the Text, Workbook Lessons or Manual for Teachers as stated so early on in, "I don't understand what anything means."

We are given guidance as to how to hone our perception and basic attitudes to follow regarding our mindsets when conducting relationships. Principles of Forgiveness and Miracles are taught to our egocentric minds; as we soon learned that the Christ Mind, that Perfect State of Spiritual Being already knows what is being presented in the Course. So, though the Course is not out rightly stated as a cleansing process for all egocentric minds that enter into a dynamic conversation with its Author, the outstanding affects of the course on those who participate with its instructions, knowledge and intentions has shown to be one of improved righteousness and both mental and physical healings. Yet, to remind each reader, the conversations of dialogues between the readers and what they appear to be reading are different and within these differences are truths that lead all the readers to the Oneness of a Christship which holds no ceremonies of initiations, no dues of membership, no dogmas of conduct; but one wonderful reminder of all that have ascended to the knowledge of having been Atoned or having experienced the Atonement; and that is: The forgiven always remember those who have yet to become aware of their self-acceptance of their own Atonement and thus are treated with love, respect and honor due to a Son of God; as God did find within each a Holy Altar upon which was laid the Light of Eternal Life, Pristeen, Unblemished, Sacred and Potent with Powers of Wisdom and Abilities fit for the Sons of God.

The tags, pronouns, names of identity found in the title of this blog actually hold no meanings. I, we do not understand what anything is for, what anything means and for how long anything remains a thought without meaning or with meaning in our own window of consciousness. Though we know these names are integral parts of conversations that we maintain with our Guides, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ with the Father, God.

May your identity in Light always outshine your doubts, overcome your worries and offer to you choices of paths which for a temporal time period enlighten your perception to the fullest potential of your being as created in the image and likeness of our Creator.


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