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Question: "I noticed that you said that you eat very healthy and follow a healthy life. I understand that what you are saying is that you are shown to eat those food. I do understand to follow Holy Spirit's guidance on everything. However, here is my question: Since nothing is real and nothing can hurts us, why eat certain things instead of others? If it is a Holy Spirit's guidance then I am not questionning it but why make a difference between the food? I am sorry I am just a bit stuck on this."

Nick Arandes' Comment: I don't really pay attention to what I eat the way I used to with guilt in my mind. During my self-help movement days I used to believe in all that stuff about eating healthy foods, taking supplements, etc. The only thing I learned from that experience is that it cost a lot of money, and that's it!

That being said, I do have to say that as I continue feeling guided by the Holy Spirit, I am moved to eat foods that may fall into what would be considered a healthy category, not because they are any different than others, but because that is what I am naturally moved to do.

I just don't let guilt or judgment stop me from eating something I desire. For example. I start my mornings with fruit smoothies, and lighter stuff. I do enjoy working out, specially jogging just because I enjoy it. Two days ago, however, I was really hungry and I felt like stopping at a Burger King. My body was truly asking for it. So I had two whoppers and I enjoy them!!! I don't feel like eating like that all the time by the way. The bottom line is, eat whatever you feel guided to eat, and as long as you are doing it without guilt or impulse, just enjoy it!

I do have some raw food videos on my site, which used to be called RadicalHealthTips.com dated backed to early 2007 when I was into all that kind of stuff. My Course in Miracles' days started around November of that same year. One thing about me is that I am fully open about my journey. I am like an open book. So yes, your question is very valid, and it may sound like a contradiction if you are looking at my old work back when I used to teach about manifesting your dreams and all that kind of success stuff or how to get what you want stuff.

Bottom line is, eat, drink and be merry while offering everything to the Holy Spirit.

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