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Hi there,

Lately, many have expressed thoughts and feelings of unworthiness, limitation, lack… Within us lies the magnitude and brilliance of all that is Alive and Good, Abundant and Light. And yet, we keep this inner magnificence imprisoned.

Think of it! Within each one of us is the Source of love, creativity, abundance, wisdom and strength, and we keep it bound by the chains of “there’s not enough for me!” Or "I'm not good Enough!"

The prison door is open. Are you ready to let the Truth set you free?

A Course in Miracles contains a repeated lesson (94, 110, 162, 237) that has the power to set you free: I am as God created me. Years ago when I began the Course, these words did not mean much to me, yet now the meaning has become increasingly clear and the experience poignantly within my consciousness. We were created - free!

Free are you who make these words your own; arising with them in your mind, recalling them throughout the day, at night bringing them with you as you go to sleep. Your dreams are happy and your rest secure, your safety certain and your body healed, because you sleep and waken with the truth before you always.

Today we practice simply. For the words we use are mighty. "I am as God created me" are words that can change the mind of you who use them. So wholly will your mind be changed that it is now the treasury in which God places all divine gifts and all divine love, to be distributed to all the world, increased in the giving; kept complete because its sharing is unlimited.

Today, I will accept the truth about myself.
I will arise in glory,
and allow the light in me
to shine upon the world throughout the day.

Let these words, I Am as God created me, fill your mind and embrace your heart, and thus you will come to experience the freedom found only in the Truth of who you are.

Enjoy You!


(thanks to my beloved niece Megan, for the pics of her new kitten)

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