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Trouble Identifying your I into our We?

RAJ through a June 6th 2009 session with Paul explains how we can identify not with our I conception; but with our We perception so that a more clearer vision of Oneship is accorded to our understanding.
www.pointsofperfection.com/ and find the MP3 audio download for June 6th 2009. RAJ most of the time has a very simple and unique style of communicating through our language the insights that we need to focus upon.

Peace to all my Brothers and Sisters,
Lightworkers and Potential Lightworkers


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Comment by David Benson on June 19, 2009 at 9:37pm
Pauline, this is a good lesson given, though I think that after listening to it again, the May 31st lesson was better for identifying the 'we' from the "i", as RAJ talks concerning a group of people at a zoo looking at the animals of different species and when the people make verbal comments about their observations they notedly state we don't do that and the group looses total distinctive discrimination for their own species. The examples get better than that and then the 'holy instant' is placed into the lesson as if during its occurence total identity of both participants disappear to their own discernment and they become one. Lightdrops
Comment by masil on June 19, 2009 at 2:00am
Thanks David: Will listen this evening: masil.pauline.

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