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Watchmen~The Movie asks: Who will save us Now?

I almost got blisters on my butt, its over 2 and a half hours long; but filled with action, bad language; and neat special affects. Really, for an ACIM exposed soul to view this movie you will come away with hope, and the hope is an exposure for the real lost souls of this world to view their vulnerability, and to recognize that they have become dependent upon super heros. NBC tried their Hero show, and now this brings old comic book story heros to the screen. Dan is within all of us, except that he was by script a sacrificial lamb in being over exposed to too much energy that decomposed his physical self (body) and yet was able to re-assemble it all into a better more resiliant one. I do not desire to give it all away; but you got to laugh when you see President Nixon holding his office for four terms. At the end of the movie Ronald Reagan is running for office, and you might recognize the twin towers of Manhattan in the earlier scences of the skyline of New York City.

Yet, I have to hand it to the producers and writers in presenting the questions and examinations of the actions to human behaviors without a higher calling assisting them. The roles of the major characters depicts this world as Jesus might have seen it before presenting the Course to Helen. Yet too, how shall we look if we look at all after the resurrection of our being through the consciousness of our Self? It does allow the mind to run free and and it opens all the closets that you and I thought we had shut, thus we ask again for an atonement and know that love shall abide.


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