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One thing I truly love about A Course in Miracles is that, no matter how many years I put into its study and practice it remains new and rich for me. Within each of its pages, and especially in the workbook lessons, there are layers of meaning to meet us where we are. As we grow in spiritual awareness, the Course has even more to say to us. Such was my experience recently with lesson 39: My holiness is my salvation.

In this lesson we are told: "With closed eyes, search out your unloving thoughts in whatever form they appear: uneasiness, anger, fear, worry, attack, insecurity, sadness and so on. Whatever form they take, they are unloving and therefore fearful."

This is interesting in that, we're probably aware that our irritations toward one another are "unloving thoughts", but who would have realized that anxiety about the future, worry about money, and insecurities of any sort are also unloving thoughts!?

The lesson goes on to say: And so it is from them (unloving thoughts) that you need to be saved.

Wow! Now that's an eye-opener! You mean it's not that I need to be saved from terrorists and trans-fatty acids? My only need is to be saved from my unloving thoughts?

A Course in Miracles is profound in its teachings in that, it doesn't teach us to point the finger at the evils we see "out there", but instead takes us back to causal level: our thoughts.

My unloving thoughts about _____ are keeping me in hell.
My holiness is my salvation.

Until a few years ago I could not resonate with the words "holiness" and "salvation". I enjoy delving into the meanings of words because it's been helpful to bring me to deeper understanding and to new insights. This lesson really opened to me as I came across the following definitions:

Holiness as: "wholeness; one with the mind of love."
And then salvation as: "freedom; the present experience of God's power."

My unloving thoughts about _____ are keeping me in hell. In any moment that I stop, step into the silence and join my thoughts with the mind of Love, I experience the Present power of God, and thus I am free.

I don't know about you, but I have an opportunity to practice this almost every single day!

Your mind joined with the Mind of Love is the answer to every question that was ever asked. So how do we join our minds with Love? Simply be willing to apply this idea to any specific situation, event or personality that you associate with unloving, fearful thoughts. In this moment, stop...close your eyes and rest with this Truth:

My unloving thoughts about ____ are keeping me in hell.
My mind joined with Love sets me free.
And so it is.

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