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Why You Should Add A Course in Miracles to Your Spiritual Path

A Course in Miracles can add to any thought system or any other thing on your spiritual path. But it doesn't mean you have to be a Course student to be able to gain something from it. So think about what belief systems you have. Think about the things that have most affected you, most felt right for you on your spiritual path. And I think it's important to recognize how they've all supported you, how they've all been helpful. And it was very important and very beautiful. But religion is a reflection of a different aspect of our human nature, and it's gonna be basically a mirror of one of our chakras or another. One part of us, our physical salt shaker, our emotional center, our intellectual center our intuitive center, basically the heart to the root, those four centers, all religions are gonna fit into one of those. Tell me about a movie and it'll fit into one of those. Tell me any book you're reading, tell me any spiritual teacher. Everything fits into our human nature, because everything is coming from us. Everything is a mirror of us. Think of any topic, science. And I mean generally you can't put anything in just one center usually anyway, but I would say science is gonna be in the intellectual center. It's a reflection of our human intellect, religion. It's gonna have it. Everything's gonna fit somewhere into our... Again, one of our centers 'cause our centers represent our consciousness with that in mind.

And then remember this, there's those four centers and each are being projected out as things we engage in in the world. Then you have a fifth element either, which is combined all three of your upper chakras throughout third eye crown right here, and the thumb symbolically. And it's not an accident that we have four fingers like the four centers and a thumb that's different because of our upper three shockers being different. There's a reason why we have five limbs counting the head. There's a reason for all this, it's all numeric and it's all geometric. But that's another story. Anyway, we look at these aspects of ourselves projected out, but the fifth one, what is that? How do we find that out in the world? What religion is that it isn't, these are of human consciousness, these four centers. And so you have four humanly created religions that fit into those human, creating human back to human. But this fifth one is either at spiritual. This is the spirituality that you can really only get through direct connection with god. This is spirit, it's god. We don't study it like we do in religion, theorize about it like we do in religion, we have direct experience at the fifth element. Now, some of us are gonna go, oh, that's me. I totally go there or We're gonna think I should go there. No, no, no. These have their place. You don't want to jump to this spiritual experience prematurely. Let's call it because these are our foundation. There's nothing wrong with understanding the pros and cons of what religion means to us and how it reflects things for us to learn. That's okay, it's foundation. Judaism fits into one of these and it's gonna give you discipline and you could say guidelines. Commandments, for example, principles to live by bum has something to teach us, and Islam has something to teach every religion. Usually the days Buddhist type of thought systems, very philosophical and mystical and beautiful are very much the heart chakra, but every one of them is equal just because something is heart chakra doesn't mean it's better than another human expression called the root or the physical, which is like your earth religions. I could reach a certain level of just spiritual awe in my doing root chakra center staff, or practices using earth religions just as much as air religions, I can be a hypocrite in air religion just as much as I could in any other center. So they're all equal. So instead of looking at them like this as shockers are when we're standing up, let's just turn them this way and seem like that with the f


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